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May 14, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — Renowned biologist Pamela Acker joins the Ladies of LifeSite in a special episode to share her research into COVID vaccine shedding and transmission, and specifically if it is having an impact on women’s reproductive health. Acker is an expert on the use of aborted fetal cells in vaccines and in vaccine development testing, and recently wrote the book Vaccination: A Catholic Perspective, which is available here.

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In the podcast, Acker addresses the “supposed thousands of reports” that the viral spike proteins contained in the coronavirus shots can be transmitted from those vaccinated to unvaccinated people. She details that the concept of shedding is not unfamiliar to doctors and researchers, and that is has been found in the childhood chicken pox and MMR vaccines, and “a phenomenon that’s common to live viral vaccines.”

Acker says that in her research into “these anecdotal reports of miscarriage” due to shedding, the cases seem to be “extremely untenable.” She backs this statement with science-based information, including that “chemical, toxic, immunological, or protein response … does not happen instantaneously,” as many of the reports conclude.

Acker also discusses how other factors could be compounding the cases of miscarriage, including mask-wearing, as it deprives the body of oxygen. She adds that the reports that vaccine particles can be spread through surfaces and the air could also be untenable. She highlights how most proteins are not alive, and therefore cannot “get into your body and make more copies of themselves … and take over like a virus.”

Finally, Acker describes how the fear-mongering over COVID-19 and vaccine shedding is dividing families “in really fundamental ways that are just really unhealthy.” She says that the “hallmark of all the ideologies” that are anti-life and anti-Christian is the destruction of the family. She recommends that people listen and become informed about the concerns of vaccine transmission, but also to not live in fear and to not “put all of our eggs in that basket.”

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