Suggest money is the main motive behind the “research”

VESTAVIA HILLS, Ala., December 5, 2001 ( – Dr. Thomas P. Dooley, a scientist-entrepreneur and CEO of two biomedical companies, has come out against all human cloning and destructive research on embryos. In a release yesterday, Dooley, also the President of the Biotechnology Association of Alabama warned that, “Without compelling restraint, scientists and physicians are moving forward rapidly to develop human cloning methodologies that could be used for either 'reproductive' cloning to replicate another copy of a human or 'therapeutic' cloning which would intentionally destroy the newly created embryonic cells of the cloned human for other research projects.”

The CEO of IntegriDerm Inc. and of ALtruis LLC said that while he is “a strong advocate for the funding of biomedical research by our government in general,” the government should “spend the money on research that raises little or no objections from society” such as “adult stem cells (not produced from embryonic cells).” As an industry insider he suggests there is a “profit motive” in the unethical research being performed and that the research should be outlawed. “Some companies and academic researchers are moving forward with human cloning methods development because 'there's gold in them thar hills.' If the money trail dried up for human cloning research, then our well-trained scientists would simply work on something else.”

Dr. Dooley concludes: “This is a critical time to declare that research on human cloning is demoralizing and redefining human life. As a human being and coincidentally a biomedical research scientist, I find it simply detestable. I realize these words are not sugar coated. I think it is time that we dialogued candidly and truthfully. We just don't need to clone humans for any reason. Give it up.”