Thursday February 11, 2010

Birmingham Abortuary under Probation following Live Action Investigation

By Kathleen Gilbert

MONTGOMERY, Alabama, February 11, 2010 ( – The state of Alabama has put a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Birmingham under probation. The action follows a Live Action Films investigation, which caught an employee advising an abortion-seeking teen on how to evade the parental notification law.

According to state health officials cited by the AP, the abortion clinic has been ordered to present a plan by next week showing how the clinic will correct an apparent habit of violating Alabama law.

A report by state health officials indicates that Planned Parenthood staff at the Birmingham abortion clinic “failed to obtain parental consent for 9 of 9 minor patients in a manner that complies with state legal requirements.”

The report also states that, “neither the Registered Nurse, the Medical Doctor, nor any other Center staff reported the suspected abuse or neglect [of a 13 year-old child] to the authorities as required by law.”

The audio released by Live Action Films last June records a Planned Parenthood employee asking a 14-year-old whether she knew someone with “the same last name” who could pose as her parents in signing abortion consent forms.

The employee also assured the girl that her boyfriend, whom the girl said was 31, would not be reported for a clear case of statutory rape – a felony in Alabama. Alabama law requires that known instances of statutory rape be immediately reported to authorities.

The California-based group Live Action Films has exposed several Planned Parenthood clinics skirting state laws through undercover investigations.

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