By Terry Vanderheyden

TRONDHEIM, Norway, March 13, 2006 ( – New research has found that the so-called birth-control pill causes headaches in the women who use them.

The researchers from St. Olav’s University Hospital in Trondheim and Glostrup University Hospital in Denmark examined the prevalence of migraine and non-migraine headaches in women who used the pill. According to a summary of the research appearing in the journal Neurology, “There was a significant association between headache and reported use of estrogen-containing oral contraceptives in premenopausal women, both for migraine and for non-migrainous headache.” Women using the abortifacient were 1.4 times more likely to suffer with migraines and 1.2 times more likely to suffer with non-migraine type headaches.

The findings were part of the Nord-Trøndelag Health Study in Norway (HUNT), where 27,700 (60%) of 46,506 women responded to questions about headaches – part of a sub-category of the study dubbed ‘Head-HUNT.’ Of 14,353 pre-menopausal women, 13,944 responded to questions regarding use of contraceptives.