Birth Control Pill Raises Heart Attack Risk 100%

RICHMOND, July 12, 2005 ( - Another study has shown that significant medical dangers accompany hormonal contraceptives. When chemical birth control pills started being available in the 1960’s the dangerous side effects were downplayed but very real. Since then, pharmaceutical developers have been at pains to reduce the intensity of the pill, which is now commonly referred to as ‘low-dose’ contraception. The drug however, is exactly the same kind as its earlier incarnation and is now proving just as dangerous.

A new study has shown that women are at 100% greater risk of heart attack and stroke with the ‘low-dose” pill, especially for those women with pre-existing medical conditions. A group of researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University and the Université de Sherbrooke have examined the cases of contraceptive-related complications in women between 1980 and 2002.

The risk of heart attack doubled with women using the later “low-dose” version of the pill and that the risk returned to normal when the women stopped using it.

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