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‘Bisexual’ Grand Knight at Catholic college complains to press after he was asked to resign

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MANCHESTER, New Hampshire, May 15, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) — Asked to resign for having made his same-sex relationship public, the leader of a Catholic men’s club complained to college authorities.

Andrew D. Keyes, Class of ‘18, was the Grand Knight of the Saint Anselm’s College chapter of the Knights of Columbus when he attended a formal function on March 16 with a male partner. He later told America magazine that the man was his “boyfriend.”

After a complaint by former Grand Knight Andrew Cilento, Keyes was asked to step down by the chapter’s chaplain, Fr. Benedict Guevin, OSB, lest his leadership become a scandal to younger members.

In response, Keyes went to the Dean’s Office to complain about the resignation and gave interviews to two college newspapers, the Saint Anselm Crier and the Hilltopper, and America magazine.

On April 9, the Saint Anselm Crier reported that Keyes had resigned over “what he claims was unfair discrimination based on his sexuality.”

Keyes studies criminal justice and politics and worked as a high school student for pro-abortion Massachusetts state Rep. Jim Cantwell. He told the Crier that many people at the Knights’ formal event were “aware” of his sexuality. He also stated that he suspected the Saint Anselm’s Chapter had been pressured financially by the Supreme Council. These allegations were denied by Fr. Guevin, the Chapter, and the Supreme Council.

Keyes told the Crier that the chaplain had been “incredibly supportive” but that he had told him his hands were “essentially tied.” Keyes also claimed Guevin told him that if he didn’t resign peacefully there would be an “impeachment trial.” Guevin has denied that he would have held such a trial. Impeachment trial by fellow Knights is not actually a disciplinary procedure known to the Knights of Columbus.

Keyes also told the Crier that after his visit to the Dean’s Office, he was told he could “stay on as Grand Knight and (have) administrative support.” However, he admitted that the Knights of Columbus is a Catholic Church organization and not a college group.

Guevin and Keyes’ brother Knights have stressed to the media that Keyes was asked to resign not because of his sexual orientation but because he is in a same-sex relationship.

Jaycen Carroll, who is the Chapter’s acting Grand Knight, explained to the Crier, “It isn’t about being gay, but it is about openly being declaring yourself in a same-sex relationship while holding office in an organization that seeks to uphold Catholic teaching.”

Cliento, the Knight who first objected to the conflict of interest, told the Hilltopper that it “was inappropriate for Mr. Keyes to hold a leadership position for a Catholic organization while being in a relationship that is contrary to the teachings of Holy Mother Church.”

Cliento had made his displeasure known to his brother Knight by sending him texts by phone. The Hilltopper reported that these included the following:

“1) you’re off serving (at the altar) 2) resign now as Grand Knight or I’m going to motion to have you removed” and, later, “you’re literally causing massive public scandal to the Knights and the Church.”

Guevin, the chaplain, told the Hilltopper that it was wrong to say Keyes was asked to resign because of his sexuality.

“To throw around the word ‘discrimination’ is unwise and untrue,” he stated.

Guevin explained that as chapter chaplain he is responsible for holding the Knights to the standards of Catholic doctrine and that being Grand Knight is an “exemplary” position. This is why it was “especially important” that a Grand Knight be held to the high standards of Catholic teaching.  

Keyes told America magazine that he was an altar server and a “master of ceremonies” at the campus church before the March 16 event, but since his resignation he has not been scheduled to serve at Mass. He now finds it “a little painful” to attend Mass with his peers and “has not felt motivated to go since the incident.”

America reported that Keyes identifies as a bisexual.  

LifeSiteNews reached out to the Knights of Columbus, the Saint Anselm’s College Chapter of the Knights of Columbus, and to Keyes. They had not responded by publication time.

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