John Westen


Bishop at March for Life Mass: Have courage to be pro-life, don’t count the cost

John Westen

OTTAWA, May 10, 2012 ( - Celebrating one of the principal Masses for the March for Life 2012, Peterborough Bishop Nicola De Angelis told the overflow crowd, comprised mostly of young people, of the “urgent need to build a culture of life.”  Speaking in St. Patrick’s Basilica, he called on the faithful to dawn their God-given “courage,” a courage, he said, which stands for life, “not counting the cost or the dangers of being arrested, ridiculed or mocked.”

Bishop De Angelis recounted that he was confronted at a previous March for Life by pro-abortion activists.  He explained that he was “walking too slow” to keep up with the crowd of pro-life youth and was eventually approached by other young people who began shouting and yelling at him from the sidewalk.  A few came right up to him saying, “Bishop, what authority do you, the Bishops of the Church have to tell us what to do with our bodies.”  A girl added, “this body is mine and I can do anything I want with my body.”

Quoting Pope John Paul II, the bishop said that “to be Catholic is to be unconditionally pro-life.”

Concluding, Bishop De Angelis said, “My friends, we cannot be neutral or remain as mere spectators. Every crime against life is an attack on Peace. Let’s respect and defend life and we will have peace.”

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