HOUGHTON, Michigan, Aug 22, 2001 ( – Bishop James H. Garland of the Marquette diocese in Michigan wrote to a Houghton local paper earlier this month to express his disappointment at the opening of a Planned Parenthood office in Houghton. In the letter Bishop Garland called the opening “bad news” since “the anti-life values promoted by this organization will harm the youth and families.”

The bishop explained that “The support for abortion, contraception and sexual expressions outside of marriage contributes to a society that is dangerous to children.” He said “The freedom of choice Planned Parenthood promotes is a choice to kill an innocent baby. The freedom of human reproduction it espouses is largely responsible for the disintegration of respect for traditional marriage… Planned Parenthood proclaims a view of human life and sexuality that flies in the face of the law God has written in our hearts and in the face of Jesus’ teaching in the Gospel.”

The bishop concluded his letter saying, “For the future good of our children and families I hope that people in the Houghton community will defend themselves against Planned Parenthood’s philosophy and values by every legal and ethical means at their disposal.”

To see the letter of the bishop scroll down to it at: (with files from Judie Brown of American Life League)