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October 2, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Bishop Athanasius Schneider, auxiliary bishop of Astana in Kazakhstan, was in France for a short visit at the end of last month. He sat down with LifeSite to answer our questions on the present COVID-19 crisis, which Bishop Schneider has resulted in a “sanitary dictatorship.” He doubled down on that opinion, warning of the “slavery” that is being put into place through “absurd” measures that are even preventing people from using their reason.


In France, it is now compulsory to wear masks in all confined places open to the public, in the workplace, in churches and public transport, and outside in some city centers, and even whole cities (sometimes including their rural suburbs) such as Paris, Rennes, Bordeaux, Lyon and Nice, regardless whether one is surrounded by people or completely alone.

Speaking of compulsory facemasks, Bishop Schneider said: “The exterior sign of the mask which all the population has to wear is disproportionate. It’s an exterior sign that the entire population is submitted, and that those who govern us have now in their hands the entire population, really as obedient slaves and marionettes. This is very dangerous and should cause us deep concern.”

Bishop Schneider told LiteSite that he fears the COVID-19 pandemic is being used as a step towards “One World government” through “control” in a situation that he did not hesitate to compare with his own experience as a boy under Soviet rule. He especially underscored the degree of atheism that is being reached by exclusive concern for corporal realities.

He called on Catholics not only to pray and coalesce with all those who are standing up to the absurdity of measures that go beyond correct and normal hygiene in an epidemic situation but to bear witness to the true hope of eternal life: “There is still an eternal life: don’t panic so much in your worries that concern only the temporal life! We must give a vision even of hope and trust, that we are in the hands of God. Now the government is saying: you are in our hands, completely, we are protecting you. This is very dangerous,” said Bishop Schneider.

He also called on faithful Catholics to continue the Eucharistic Crusade he launched last July in order to do reparation for all the “outrages” against the Most Blessed Sacrament that the COVID crisis has brought with it.

For the future, Bishop Schneider suspects that in some way all governments and all people will be asked to collaborate with abortion through the compulsory administration of vaccines using cells taken from aborted babies.

“I am not affirming now that this will happen, but it is my suspicion: it appears to me realistic that this could come. This is for me the last step of Satanism: that Satan and the world government – ultimately the masonic world government – will oblige all, even the Church, to accept abortion in this way. And therefore we must resist very strongly against this, if it comes. We must even accept to be martyrs,” said Bishop Schneider.

Here below is Bishop Athanasius Schneider’s full interview. It was recorded on September 29th, feast of the Saint Michael the Archangel.


LifeSite: Excellency, you have already answered interviews about the present sanitary situation, which you’ve called a “sanitary dictatorship.” Why do you think it is a dictatorship while it’s being presented as being favorable to the health and the wellbeing of people?

Bishop Athanasius Schneider: Because it is evident. We have to use our reason and our common sense. Never in recent history has such a situation happened where globally, in almost all countries, with very few exceptions, all have to observe exterior rules of behavior very strictly, even under threats of punishments. To an extent, that which was obvious is now proven after the first COVID period in the beginning of this year: it is proven that the victims and the diseases were not greater in comparison with flu epidemics in other years. Therefore, you have to ask yourself, why did not the governments in the previous years, when in some cases there were also some strong influenza epidemics, make the same rules? For example, there was a very strong flu epidemic in Germany two years ago, and the official numbers published by the government were 20,000 victims. Now in this year, the same level has not been reached, in Germany at least, with COVID. These are the simple facts, the evidence.

I do not deny the COVID epidemic, it exists, but you have to ask yourself why they did this now, and it is evident that they used an epidemic that is not overly exceeding previous epidemics of flu to impose such disproportionate measures upon the entire population, so that you have the sensation that you are living in a kind of a prison, or a kind of slavery. We’re even down to the details where the government prescribes where you have to stand, how much distance you have to keep, even the centimeters; you have to cover your face continuously, even though it is proven even by several independent scientists, scholars and doctors, that these masks are not so efficient in the prevention of this kind of disease.

In this way, the exterior sign of the mask which all the population have to wear is disproportionate. It’s an exterior sign that the entire population is submitted, and that those who govern us have now in their hands the entire population, really as obedient slaves and marionettes. This is very dangerous and should cause us deep concern, because this is a sign for politicians of the future measures that they can produce or invent in similar situations under the pretext of a disease, an epidemic. It is a sign that now the people are already trained, so they can in one moment literally shut up the mouth of the entire population and keep them in their homes, locked in, so that they can do what they want.

This is really an evident sign of global dictatorship which is going in the direction of One World government of which we have already had several testimonies and witnesses some years ago. A famous personality from the world of finance said it would be sufficient to have an epidemic and to spread this globally in order to establish a One World government.

[Translator’s note: French financier, counselor of successive French governments and president Emmanuel Macron’s mentor, Jacques Attali, warned in 2009 at the time of the H1N1 flu, of a foreseeable future “major pandemic:” “Before the next, inevitable one, we must not forget to put in place prevention and control mechanisms, as well as logistical procedures for the fair distribution of medicine and vaccines. To achieve that it will be necessary to establish a global police, global stocks and therefore a global tax system. We will then come to lay, much more rapidly than mere economic reason would have allowed, the foundations of an authenic world government.”]

We already had these affirmations before COVID-19, but in those years perhaps we did not pay so much attention. But now we have this, and I think we have to defend our rights. Of course we have to be prudent and when there is a contagion, we have to behave in a normal, responsible way, but not to the present extent, which is really demonstrating already that it is exceeding normality.

A few days ago the French sports minister, Roxana Maracineanu, publicly said: “Today decisions are not being made according to the reality which would be that of the virus’ circulation…  but to say that you must remain disciplined as you are.”

This is very revealing: they are confessing that it is not so much efficiency for health that they want in the first place, but control, for us to be submitted to one code of behavior.

As a little boy you lived in Kyrgyzstan, and under Soviet rule. Do you see a parallel between what you went through then and what we are living today?

Of course. In the time of communism, I remember very well: all was commanded from the government. Not to the extent we have now, it’s worse now than under communism evidently, but all public life had one pattern, one code. So you had to behave in this way always. In your school, or in the workplace, in public, and so on, you had to obey the Communist rules of behavior. There were signs about communism, there were statues of Lenin and Marx, you had to respect these. So you were already very limited in your way of life. You could not oppose any of it, without being accused of being a denier of communism; when you expressed some doubts, you were accused of conspiracy with the capitalist West, of spying. In some way, you were marginalized as a person who was not mentally healthy. It was even known that several dissidents against the Communist dictatorship were put in clinics for the mentally ill.

And so I can imagine that today, there can be a strong resistance against the disproportionate measures of limitation of personal freedom under the pretext of health, and that these people could be accused of negation, similar to the negation of the Holocaust for example. They will be accused of conspiracy, as the communists did regarding those were against communists. These people were accused of conspiracy and also of the negation of the Communist Paradise. Marx and Engels and Lenin said “We will realize” the Communist Paradise; and Lenin even said the Soviet Union was realizing Paradise, but it was all the contrary: it was full of prisons and concentration camps. This was the so-called Paradise and the people all lived in fear in some way.

I remember for example my parents: they were against communism of course, but sometimes even with us children they were very careful, because as children we would speak at school and things could be worse for us and for them. They were living in such a situation of intimidation, of control. And this sensation that you were controlled, I had it clearly. I remember I left the Soviet Union when I was 12 and a half, so I can well remember this: the sensation that you were living under control.

And that is exactly what is happening now…

Now we are controlled completely, but it is worse because these measures, I would say, are making us stupid. The governments are making us insane. This is a method of dictators: for us to shut our intelligence, to switch off own thinking, even against the evidence.

For example, it is really incredible to what extent we are now already accustomed to this insane situation. I was flying from Vienna to Zurich last week. It was a small plane so we were all sitting shoulder to shoulder; the flight was full. The stewardess made an announcement – it’s incredible, you will laugh at this: “I would like to remind you that you must always wear the mask and to keep a distance of 1 meter and a half with the other guests, and also with the stewards.” Then they came to bring round us drinks. It was completely ridiculous and absurd: one-and-a-half meter distancing while we were sitting shoulder to shoulder. And no one laughed. All accepted this as something normal. This strikes me very much: people are starting to accept absurdity as normal. This is a kind of brainwashing: you are becoming accustomed to an evident absurdity. And this has for me all the signs of a dictatorship.

You said it is normal to accept a reasonable measures against contagion, for instance for someone who is fragile, but do you think there is still time to resist these absurd measures?

We have to resist, because we still have our reason. We have to reconcile reasonable measures of hygiene and security with reasonableness itself; we have to stress this. In Germany for example, in Berlin, there was recently a huge demonstration against these absurd measures, and all the media, the official news agencies called the demonstrators “negators,” crazy people or Corona-leugner, like people who deny the Holocaust are called Holocaustleugner.

When you read Genesis, you realize there are many things in the Commandments that God gave us at The Creation that are being frontally attacked today by the culture of death: human life through abortion, marriage, family, but it also strikes me that God says: “It is not good that man should be alone.” I get the impression that with the new COVID restrictions the idea is to force people to be alone. Would you agree with that?

Exactly. It is to isolate the people one from another, so that we are becoming suspicious of each other; so that when I meet another person I already have a mistrust because he could be a potential danger for me, for my health. So you are continually brainwashed by the media: be careful, you may be infected, and this could come from a person that you meet. Is creates a psychological distance.

The expression social distance is not good, because we are distancing ourselves; the term for me is already dangerous because it is creating isolated persons and making them more egoistic: “Only for me, I’m living for me, for my health.” All these signs, as you mentioned, show we are going against the Commandments of God. For me, the root of the culture of death, and also of going against the Divine Commandments, is egoism. Every breaking of the Commandments of God, especially the very important 5th, 6th and 1st commandment – “do not adore idols” – makes people more egoistic, it creates selfishness and this makes for the worst society: a society of egoists. This is the danger I see.

And it is under the pretense of “solidarity.”

Yes, it’s all a lie. We are living in a society of lying, and therefore people who still use their reason, even unbelievers, must unite to protest against the evident dangers of a dictatorship.

I was in Brittany during the lockdown. Our local supermarket had a big government sign saying that these are difficult times, and that gave the telephone numbers if you needed contraception or abortion. At the same time, churches were closed, and there are still restrictions on churches even though some go against them. Do you think there is a particular anti-Catholic dimension to this sanitary dictatorship?

Anti-catholic yes, but in general, it is anti-religious because they closed all the other places also. There is a tendency to atheism and this is for me the last stage of communism, the ultimate atheism. They are completely eliminating from Society all aspects of religion.

Especially the “last things?” They have disappeared. Now the only good is to live.

Yes, the ultimate realities. It is all about the corporal, the temporal life. And unfortunately, so many shepherds in the church – priests and Bishops and even higher – are very much supporting this one-sided stress on the body and this temporary, short life. It is a naturalism. I mentioned this in my book: this is the great danger of our time. We are now witnessing, even inside the Church, that collaboration with this extreme naturalism, eliminating every view and vision of the supernatural life, of eternal life. We have to restore the supernatural in the Church, and to give to people – again, this is for us and for the Church a challenge within the COVID crisis – to transmit to people a vision of Eternity. There is still an eternal life: don’t panic so much in your worries that concern only the temporal life! We must give a vision even of hope and trust, that we are in the hands of God. Now the government is saying: you are in our hands, completely, we are protecting you. This is very dangerous.

You said we have to resist with our reason. As Catholics what should we be doing? Obviously, we should turn to prayer, but is there something specific you think we should do?

A couple of months ago go I launched a Crusade of Eucharistic reparation. This is for me very important and should still be done and continued, because in this COVID restriction time, our Lord in the Eucharist has been desecrated and even worse: outraged. And so we have to console Him and do reparation. This is one important thing. And then, we must also show some courage, to be, even when we go to church, more normal; instead of showing in church that we are observing the new slavery which the State is imposing upon us. Of course, I repeat, even in church we can observe measures such as disinfection: this is good in a normal way, disinfecting the pews for instance, but not in an exaggerated way.

I think that we could also as Catholics make a coalition, even with non-Catholic persons of other religions, even secular persons, to take intelligent steps with the authorities to show at least the current absurdity, and to say we are not ready to be really enslaved, and to be brainwashed, and be treated as foolish people.

So: reparation, behave yourself normally – of course I repeat that normal hygienic norms are fine – and make a coalition and take action in legal forms, without violence, but with reason and perhaps with the help of jurists, scientists and so on, to show the government and the public that there are evident signs of absurdity and of slavery.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I have the suspicion that partly this COVID situation was created not only to implement a new dictatorship and control of the population, but in some way to legalize abortion globally – the killing of unborn babies – so that the entire planet will be collaborating in the process of killing babies through the vaccine which will use parts of aborted babies. The vaccine will be imposed and obligatory – so that you cannot work, travel, go to school without it, obliging the entire population to receive the vaccine, but the only vaccine will be that made with cells from aborted babies. Perhaps they will not accept other vaccines, and they will lie, saying that these are not effective, that the only effective vaccine will be from aborted babies. I am not affirming now that this will happen, but it is my suspicion: it appears to me realistic that this could come. This is for me the last step of Satanism: that Satan and the world government – ultimately the masonic world government – will oblige all, even the Church, to accept abortion in this way. And therefore we must resist very strongly against this, if it comes. We must even accept to be martyrs.

Unfortunately, some Bishops, even good Bishops and priests, are already presenting what for me is a sophism in justifying that you can accept this vaccine from aborted babies according to moral principles. They are making a huge explanation, to me in a sophistic manner, of the principle of moral cooperation only, without your will, without your consent. But this is for me as sophism which cannot be applied to this concrete case, because it is evident to simple common sense that when you know this – that this vaccine is from aborted babies – then you cannot apply this moral principle, or theory, to this concrete case. And therefore we have to be very careful not to be induced into error because of this sophistic argument, even when it comes from good, traditional priests. This is the danger, and we have to resist this.

But I hope that this will not come at a global level. When this does come, then we will enter into the time of the Apocalypse. In a time of Apocalypse, of which we already now have some signs, we must invoke evermore the angels, Saint Michael Archangel, and the message of Our Lady of Fatima that is becoming ever more timely and necessary.

In your latest book, Christus Vincit, you have a very beautiful chapter about the Angels. I was translating that part of your book into French during the lockdown, and I thought: “ I am confined, I cannot go to church, can I not ask my Guardian Angel to go to church for me?”

Of course, this is a very good remark. The angels are the supernatural beings par excellence. We must invoke them more. On some occasions when we cannot go to Mass – and we don’t know what the future will be, maybe there will be new lockdowns and maybe we will have to get used to them – then we can send our Guardian Angel to church, to greet and to adore Our Lord in our name. We can also send our Guardian Angel to our friends or our relatives, and pray for him to bring them some spiritual help. In general we can invoke the holy Angels to protect humanity – as we remember today, on the feast of Saint Michael and all the Holy Angels.