CALGARY, Mar 26, 2001 ( – Bishop Fred Henry of Calgary is beginning to become a household name for pro-lifers across Canada with a recent wave of articles and media interviews taking politicians to task over the sanctity of human life. His most recent defence of the unborn came in his Sun column on Sunday where he smashes the argument frequented by politicians: “We should not legislate or impose our morality on others.”

Responding to this argument Bishop Henry counters, “In fact, we legislate morality all the time, in many ways. We have laws against murder, rape, physical and sexual assault, theft and libel and slander. These moral evils, as violations of the rights of persons, must be reflected in law and made illegal.” In his article the bishop quotes civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King who argued, “It is true, the law cannot make a white man love me, but it can discourage him from lynching me.”

Bishop Henry also takes issue with the argument, “Abortion is a controversial matter. Opinions are divided. The law should reflect this and be neutral, and let each person decide.” He says this statement “represents a death verdict against thousands of children as they are surrendered to the power of those who would have them destroyed.”“The government cannot be neutral on the question of abortion. It either recognizes the child in the womb as a person, entitled to the protection of law, or it doesn’t, “Not to decide,” but to leave the question open is itself a decision,” says the bishop calling the government “absurd” for refusing to deal with the issue. “The law must protect all innocents from assault, children from abuse, women form rape, babies from slaughter. The morality of not abusing, not raping, and not murdering, a fellow human is not “my morality” or “our morality” but morality itself,” concludes the bishop.

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