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Bishop intervenes after Buffalo parish sign appears to endorse gay ‘marriage’

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BUFFALO, NY, November 9, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) -- The bishop of Buffalo has intervened after a furor over a message a local parish priest posted outside his church that appeared to endorse same-sex “marriage.”

Ss. Columba-Brigid Roman Catholic Church’s sign read: “Jesus had 2 dads and he turned out just fine.”   

The announcement made it onto the internet and generated numerous inquiries to the diocese.

“The situation has been resolved and the sign has been removed,” Executive Assistant to Buffalo Bishop Richard Malone Siobhan O’Connor told LifeSiteNews.

LifeSiteNews had contacted the diocese after first inquiring with the parish about the sign.

The individual who answered the phone at the parish told LifeSiteNews the message was coming down, and that there had been lots of calls to the parish. The sign had been placed by the pastor, the individual said, and the intent had been to say that a child could be raised in a situation with a father and a step-father, and not to communicate support for homosexual “marriage” or relationships.

The individual declined to give their name or confirm they were an employee of the parish.

Catholic Family News (CFN) Editor John Vennari took a photo of the sign and posted it Monday morning. He told LifeSiteNews it was puzzling that anyone would not know in today’s world what the term “two dads” implies.

O’Connor concurred with the individual at the parish that pastor Father Roy Herberger’s intent was to express that children could be raised by both parents and step-parents, as he has families in his parish living in this situation.

But O’Connor also acknowledged that the message’s wording was problematic.

Bishop Malone acted within five minutes of learning of the sign, she told LifeSiteNews.

“There was no question it had to be removed,” O’Connor said. “He really did respond immediately and very directly.”

O’Connor provided the following statement to LifeSiteNews on behalf of Bishop Malone:

Thank you for your message regarding the sign at SS Columba-Brigid Church here in Buffalo. As soon as I learned of this sign, I took immediate action to have it removed. The pastor of SS Columba and Brigid Church told me that the ‘2 Dads’ were meant to refer to a child who has both a father and stepfather. There are several children in his parish who have both a father and stepfather. However, given the potential for the meaning of this message to be misunderstood and even perceived in a heretical way, it was immediately removed.

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