By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

LA PAMPA, ARGENTINA, December 4, 2007 ( – The bishop of Santa Rosa in Argentina, Monsignor Rinaldo Fidel Bredice, was scheduled to lead an anti-abortion march today at 6 pm to the seat of the provincial government of La Pampa in protest against an attempt to legalize abortion in the province.

The proposed law, which was passed by the provincial legislature on Thursday of last week, will require all hospitals to provide abortion services in any case in which the mother’s “integral health” is in danger.  “Integral health” is defined as physical, psychological, or social “health”, thus legalizing practically all abortions in the province.

Bishop Fidel has stated his “total repudiation” of the bill, “a legal norm that is clearly unconstitutional,” referring to the Argentine Constitution’s protection of the right to life.

“Every human being has the right to life,” he continued. “Before all else the authorities should arrange for its defense, which is the first of human rights.  To approve abortion is an inhuman crime against innocents.”

“I ask, instead of facilitating the death of the child in the womb of the mother, why don’t they work to create subsidies for her and for her child until he reaches the age of 18?  Why don’t they facilitate the process for the many Argentines who want to adopt children?”

The strategy of creating a law to regulate or even require the use of abortion where the criminal code does not supply penalties (the “protocol” strategy) has been attempted in other countries, especially Peru, without success (see related LifeSite coverage at

Provincial Governor Carlos Verna may still veto the law, but it is believed that he will not do so. However, petition signatures urging a veto of the bill are being gathered by the organization Notivida (, which contends that it violates national law.

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