Bishop Rules Priest Rendered “Unfit” for Priesthood over Campaign for Women Priests

Thu Oct 20, 2005 - 12:15 pm EST

PETERBOROUGH, ON, October 20, 2005 ( - A Catholic priest who made public comments regarding his support for a group of womenÂpretending Catholic ordination to the priesthood, has been relieved of his duties as a priest after refusing to recommit to church teaching on the matter. reported in August ( ) that Fr. Edward Cachia gave an interview to a local paper in which he praised the women’s controversial “ordination” that tookÂplace this past July on a boat on the St. Lawrence river.

In a press release yesterday from the chancery office of Peterborough Bishop Nicola De Angelis, the diocese states that it “regrets (Fr. Cachia’s) decision to refuse to accept the universal and constant teaching of the Catholic Church in relation to holy orders being reserved to men alone.” It continues, “Though having freely professed adherence to all the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and to the Roman Pontiff on the day of his ordination, Fr. Cachia now feels unable to live out this commitment.”

Fr. Cachia was given over two months to reconsider his position but “sadly”, says the release, “has chosen to remain attached to positions contrary to the teachings of the church.”

The release explains that the Catholic Church, “like any other organization possesses rules and expectations that are necessary for membership,” and that priests freely take on the responsibility of “teaching the entire deposit of the Catholic faith in the name of the Church and not his own feelings or points of view.”

His refusal, “now renders him unfit to serve the Catholic people in the leadership role of priest,” says the release.

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