Bishop Schneider’s to-do list to renew Church in wake of Viganò revelations

Bishop Schneider called for, among others, a reaffirmation of the Church’s doctrine on the grave sinfulness of homosexual acts.
Mon Aug 27, 2018 - 1:23 pm EST
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August 27, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Bishop Athanasius Schneider of Astana Kazakhstan, has released an eight-item to-do list of what he says is required to reform the Church steeped in crisis in the wake of credible revelations of corruption and cover-up by Pope Francis. After saying there is “no reasonable and plausible cause to doubt the truth content of the document of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò,” Bishop Schneider suggests needed actions to renew the Church.

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Beginning with a purge of the homosexual networks in the Vatican and clergy, Bishop Schneider calls for a reaffirmation of the Church’s doctrine on the grave sinfulness of homosexual acts. He calls on the Pope to restore purity to the Church’s teaching and prevent the ordination of men with homosexual tendencies to the priesthood. He calls for a restoration of ascetical practices in the Church such as fasting and self-denial.  

Bishop Schneider calls for a return to the practice of reparation for sins, a much more stringent bishop selection process and a commitment among clergy to renounce compromise with the world.

In his own words the to-do list says:

  1. That the Holy See and the Pope himself will start to cleanse uncompromisingly the Roman Curia and the episcopate from homosexual cliques and networks. 
  2. That the Pope will proclaim unambiguously the Divine doctrine about the grievously sinful character of homosexual acts. 
  3. That there will be issued peremptory and detailed norms, which will prevent the ordination of men with a homosexual tendency. 
  4. That the Pope restores the purity and unambiguity of the entire Catholic doctrine in teaching and preaching. 
  5. That there will be restored in the Church through papal and episcopal teaching and through practical norms the ever valid Christian ascesis: the exercises of fasting, of corporal penitence, of abnegations. 
  6. That there will be restored in the Church the spirit and the praxis of reparation and expiation for sins committed. 
  7. That there will start in the Church a securely guaranteed selection process of candidates to the episcopacy, who are demonstrably true men of God; and that it would be better to leave the dioceses several years without a bishop rather than to appoint a candidate who is not a true man of God in prayer, in doctrine and in moral life. 
  8. That there will start in the Church a movement especially among cardinals, bishops and priests to renounce any compromise and any flirtation with the world.

Archbishop Vigano, who served as apostolic nuncio in Washington D.C. from 2011-2016, detailed in an 11-page letter last week that Pope Francis covered up now ex-Cardinal McCarrick's abuse. 

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