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Pledge your prayers for Bp. Strickland HERE

(LifeSiteNews) — On this week’s episode of The Bishop Strickland Show, Bishop Joseph Strickland offers a meditation on the importance of honoring the Holy Name of Jesus and answers his critics regarding his use of Twitter to promote the Gospel.

Discussing the collect prayer for the 15th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Strickland offers a meditation on the Holy Name, stating: “We’ve got to embrace the joy and the power that His Name brings to humanity.”

“He came to save all humanity,” Strickland continued. “And all this silliness of, ‘Well, He’s just one among many,’ or ‘We’ve got to respect all the different gods and all the different religions.’ Certainly we respect all of God’s people. But Jesus Christ came for every person for all time. And we can’t let go, we can’t water down, we can’t diminish that message. It’s a message of salvation for every human being. And it’s our mission to continue to proclaim it, just like the apostles did.

“We need to call people to holiness and to … an embrace of the real power,” he continued. “And Jesus Christ, as He says in the Gospel … all power in heaven and on earth has been granted to Him by God our Almighty Father.” Strickland further emphasized that people need to live according to that truth. “The real power is the power of God in the power of the name of His Son. 

Later in the episode, His Excellency defended his use of Twitter in his effort to preach the Gospel, in response to those who;ve asked him to leave the platform and accuse him of self-promotion.

Recognizing that he can make mistakes, Strickland emphasized that his use of Twitter is an effort to preach the Gospel. He also directed those that wish to avoid Twitter to his website, where they can see his tweets without going to the social media site.

“We have something special to share, that the world desperately needs,” His Excellency affirmed. “And sadly, too many in the Vatican, too many cardinals are … if nothing else, deeply confused and deeply unaware of what the Gospel is really about, because it’s got to be, just like Jesus says … ‘Deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow me.”

“We respect the office, but they lose the respect that they deserve when they’re not teaching and working according to the responsibility of their office,” he stated.

Commenting that cardinals wear read as an outward sign that they are ready to sacrifice their lives for the good of the Church, Strickland added: “If a cardinal is contradicting the faith, then they don’t deserve the cardinal red … and that is going on too much in the Church.”

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Pledge your prayers for Bp. Strickland HERE