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March 23, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) ‒ Bishop Joseph Strickland applauded the recent Vatican document that refuses “blessings” for gay couples. His Excellency believes the faithful appreciate the clarification from the hierarchy “because we're in a time of a lot of confusion, even within the Church at times.” Strickland made his remarks during this week’s episode of The Bishop Strickland Show. 

His Excellency additionally states that the root of many problems in the world today stems from the refusal of  “authentic love … (and) the conception of children.” He says that homosexuality and other sexual acts outside the bond of marriage between a man and woman are “disordered” and that the only “loving thing to do is to share what God has revealed to us” about the dignity of individuals.

Bishop Strickland told co-host Terry Barber that the pro-LGBT Equality Act should never have been passed by Congress, and that it makes confusion the law of the land. The bill is “destructive to human civilization” because it upholds pro-abortion and anti-family policies, he says.

Strickland argues that the hierarchy and other clergy must return to the fundamental teachings of the Catholic faith because such teachings “have been lost in the noise of our world today and even within the Church.”

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