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Pledge your prayers for Bp. Strickland HERE

(LifeSiteNews) — On this week’s episode of The Bishop Strickland Show, Bishop Joseph Strickland offers further comments on World Youth Day and discusses the importance of sharing the Gospel with those suffering because they have not yet found the fullness of Christ.

Beginning the show, His Excellency offers further comments on World Youth Day, having criticized the event on Twitter. Discussing the event, Strickland observed, “From what I’ve heard, too much of the leadership [of World Youth Day] isn’t mentioning Jesus Christ. It should be every other word – Jesus Christ.” 

“He’s the Lord of the universe, He’s the Lord of the Church, He’s the Lord of our world,” he continued. “I hope [the youth in attendance] all are drawn closer to Jesus Christ at this World Youth Day.” Strickland also called for prayer to be offered for the attendees and leaders of World Youth Day, saying that all that was necessary for the event was “Jesus Christ, yesterday, today and forever.” 

“In love and in truth, the mercy for those young people that feel very far from Christ, and may be judged and confused, help them to know He’s the Lord of compassion,” Strickland stated, adding that Christ was calling them out of confusion and into His Light and Truth. “It’s always about Jesus Christ and the Mission of His Bride the Church to free people from the shackles of sin.” 

Strickland also discussed a LifeSiteNews petition to the U.S. Supreme Court, asking the Court to make abortion illegal nationwide. Strickland encouraged people to sign the petition on X, formerly known as Twitter. 

“We’ve got to keep bringing the message of the good news that life is sacred from conception to natural death,” Strickland asserted. He claimed violence in the world and human trafficking are “rooted in a lack of respect for the sanctity of life,” asserting that “we’ve got to get people to wake up to [that] reality.”

“If [life is] not respected in the womb, we can’t expect it to be respected across the spectrum of human life,” Strickland observed, connecting elder abuse and euthanasia to abortion.

“We’ve got to keep speaking [about] the sanctity of life because Jesus Christ is the Lord of life, and when we ignore life, we ignore Him, and when we ignore Him, we are dooming ourselves to darkness.” 

Later in the episode, Strickland made remarks on an X post regarding a quote by St. Augustine from the beginning of the Confessions: “Thou hast made us for thyself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it finds its rest in Thee.” 

Commenting on the post, Strickland said that one “could describe the issue in our modern society [as] restless hearts.” 

“Hearts that are totally unrooted, wandering through the world, often depressed and … just empty,” he continued. “They’re restless because they haven’t found God, and they don’t know Our Lord Jesus Christ.”

“We’ve got to continue, as long as we have breath, and share the good news, and to share the Truth that brings these restless hearts [to Christ],” Strickland declared.

“When you know the Lord, when you know the Son of God, His Father, and their Spirit, when you know God, it makes all the difference,” he explained further. “And the circumstances may not change at all. They may even get worse. But even suffering becomes something that you not only bear, but you can rejoice in like the apostles. If you’re rooted in the Truth, that the Son of God has revealed to us.”

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Pledge your prayers for Bp. Strickland HERE