Bishop Wingle: Canada “Sinking Ever Deeper Into the Morass of Moral Chaos”

By John-Henry Westen

  ST. CATHARINES, December 11, 2006 ( - Writing to Catholics in his diocese in the wake of the decision of Parliament to refuse to reopen the debate around restoring the traditional definition of marriage, St. Catharines Bishop James Wingle has noted the lack of sanity on the part of Canadian politicians.

“What a terrible irony it is to witness our country sinking ever deeper into the morass of moral chaos and confusion as we ignore the sane order established by God for the good of creation,” said Bishop Wingle in a message put out over the weekend.

“Rather than protecting this institution, so critical to the health and stability of society, our government denatures marriage and the family,” said the Bishop.  “The unique and irreplaceable contribution to the common good of society that men and women make when they enter into marriage, and especially when they beget and educate children, is no longer treasured or protected by those who make our laws.”

  With the new definition of marriage, said the bishop, “the government neglects its duty to promote and preserve the common good of society, founded upon the sane and reasonable order established by God.”

  The bishops assured the faithful that the Church would never waver on the matter.  “The Catholic Church is clear and unwavering in its teaching and practice concerning marriage, as God intended this fundamental institution: authentic marriage is the loving union of a man and a woman in a lifelong partnership that is open to the begetting and rearing of children,” he said.

  Bishop Wingle concluded by thanking those who battled to save the traditional definition of marriage, and pledging to continue the fight.  “I wish to thank all those working to uphold and promote the authentic understanding of marriage, as we have received it in God’s good creation,” he said. “We will continue our efforts to do everything possible to see that such an understanding is restored to its proper recognition in law.”

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