Bishops’ Message Takes Root as Poll Shows McCain Thirteen Points Ahead With Catholics

 By Kathleen Gilbert

LOS ANGELES, November 4, 2008 ( - An Investor’s Business Daily poll conducted Sunday shows Catholics steadily favoring McCain over Obama, giving McCain a hefty 13-point lead amongst Catholics. 

The number suggests that Catholics are taking to heart the U.S. bishops’ remarkably outspoken advocacy of the Catholic Church’s teaching on life issues in this year’s election season.

As the presidential campaign draws to a conclusion, bishops have strengthened their message more than ever, calling upon voters to consider their eternal salvation before choosing a radically pro-abortion candidate such as Barack Obama.

In a Monday radio interview with Hugh Hewitt, Bishop Robert Finn of Kansas City-St. Joseph affirmed that it is gravely sinful for a Catholic to "support a person who wants to go to complete full-scale war against the unborn."

Hewitt then asked, "If a Catholic comes to you and says yeah, but I’m worried about the poor, and there’s global warming, and candidate X is so much better than candidate Y on those, even though candidate X is pro-choice .... Doesn’t that balance out?"

Bishop Finn responded that it is misguided to think that eliminating poverty would reduce abortions, as some have argued, and that "the real root of abortion in our country is this total disregard and numbness about the value of human life. It’s the idolatry of self and selfish convenience."

Those who justify a pro-abortion vote by arguing that a candidate’s social policies would reduce abortion, the bishop says, are simply looking for "a way to salve their conscience, and give them a rationalization that will help them sleep tomorrow after they vote." 

To view the full transcript of Bishop Finn’s interview with Hugh Hewitt:

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