OTTAWA, June 11, 2003 ( – The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) yesterday sent a letter to Federal Justice Minister Martin Cauchon demanding an appeal of the Ontario Appeals court decision allowing homosexual ‘marriage’.  Also yesterday, the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) put out a release on the ruling.  The CCCB called the court’s reason for the ruling “unconvincing and disappointing.”  The letter says, “The Court’s conclusions about the objectives of marriage should concern Canadians about the future of our country and Members of Parliament who are ultimately responsible for the development of social policy in this country.”  The letter concluded reminding the Minister that “Millions of Canadians, who have invested a great deal of hope and meaning in marriage, are counting on you.”  EFC said it “is deeply concerned and disappointed with the decision.” Bruce Clemenger, president of the EFC said, “It is not an appropriate use of the Charter to redefine pre-existing social, cultural and religious institutions.”  EFC said it is “very concerned that the redefinition of marriage will have a negative impact on churches and religious communities. If marriage is redefined, the EFC is concerned about increasing discrimination against religious communities that cannot accept the legitimacy of same-sex marriage.”  See the CCCB letter and the EFC media kit on marriage at