Kathleen Gilbert


Bizarre Rockford abortuary reportedly set to reopen after secret settlement

Kathleen Gilbert

CHICAGO, January 4, 2012 (LifeSiteNews.com) - The flamboyantly anti-Christian Rockford abortion facility is poised to reopen its doors despite significant health code violations after it was announced at a hearing Wednesday that a settlement had been reached outside of court.

Rockville area pro-life advocates reported Wednesday that the hearing, in which pro-life lawyers were expecting to bring their case against the abortion mill, was cut short to announce the settlement, the conditions of which were not disclosed. Pro-life advocates were left to assume that the mill would open again soon, and said they would report if they noticed the facility open.

“The secrecy of what happened in court was very disturbing to many in attendance,” wrote Kevin Rilott of the Pro-Life Corner blog. “Rest assured attorneys for the Rockford Pro-life Initiative will do everything possible to ensure the details of any settlement be made public.”

The Rockford facility had been closed for three months since Illinois Department of Health officials discovered violations in August, including brown-stained surgical equipment, some of which are used directly inside patients’ bodies, and evidence that tools had been “sterilized” with a broken machine. All three operating rooms in the building failed to meet sanitation standards.

Last month, pro-life attorneys Tom Brejcha, president and chief counsel of the Thomas More Society, and Jason Craddock, special counsel for the Society, had urged officials to keep the abortuary from opening its doors given the laundry list of health violations.

The mill has become famous for its bizarre window displays erected by the building’s owner, including a nun in a coffin, a crucified rubber chicken, and personalized taunts directed at the pro-life advocates who vigil in prayer outside. One such sign mocked a pro-lifer regarding the recent death of his father.

Rilott said that, in any event, the pro-life Rockford contingent would not back down witnessing against abortion outside the mill. “Our presence will continue on the sidewalks offering prayers and help to mothers in need,” he said.

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