NEWARK, NJ, Sept 15 ( – On Monday, a group of black New Jersey pastors announced they were organizing a three-day march of 1,452 African-Americans from Newark, New Jersey to Washington, DC October 9-11 to speak on behalf of the estimated 1,452 black children aborted every day in the United States. The march has been dubbed the “Say So March,” stemming from the slogan “If you love the children, say so!”

“We’re organizing this march to tell our black brothers and sisters that we have been duped into destroying ourselves,” said Say So March spokesman Damon Owens. “Even though we make up 12% of the population, we supply 33% of the abortion industry’s business. We have fallen prey to the Margaret Sangers of the world.” Owens called the march a “civil rights march” noting that “In the three days of this march, more African-Americans will be murdered by abortion than were lynched from 1882-1968. It’s time to stop the genocide.”

The march will begin with a rally in Newark. Rallies will be held along the march route in Lawnside, New Jersey; Philadelphia; Wilmington, Delaware; Baltimore; and Washington.  The pastors are receiving assistance in organizing the march from the Life Education and Resource Network (LEARN). LEARN, the largest, African-American, pro-life ministry in the United States, publishes extensive data and research information on the racist origins of Planned Parenthood, its founder, Margaret Sanger, and the American Eugenics movement.

For more information about the march, contact Paulette Roseboro at 301-249-1153 or [email protected]

With files from WorldNetDaily.