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(LifeSiteNews) — In a multi-part interview with LifeSiteNews, Kyle Clement, assistant to well-known exorcist Father Chad Ripperger, both of whom have long experience in exorcism and deliverance ministry, explained the way in which Freemasonry is rooted in Satanism, and the way in which Masonic curses invoke demonic influence on a person and their descendants. The exorcist’s assistant also explained the ways in which Freemasons have infiltrated the Church in the marked promotion of unqualified persons to places of ecclesiastical authority.  

Denouncing the grave sins and scandals of priests and bishops, which have plagued the Church in recent decades, the exorcist’s assistant warned that the blasphemous invocation of a priestly “blessing” on a homosexual “couple” or a couple living in sexual sin, such as is now proposed by Fiducia supplicans, “flings the door wide open” to the demonic for priests. From his long experience with such matters, Clement recommended recourse to Our Lady to overcome the wholesale attack on marriage and the faith that we are seeing today both within the Church and outwith. 

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This interview will be published in several installments. Below is the first: 

The ‘blessing’ of homosexual ‘couples’ and couples living in sexual sin as proposed by Fiducia supplicans opens a priest to the demonic 

LifeSiteNews: Can you explain the difference between imprecatory blessings, those given by way of command in virtue of one’s spiritual authority over some person or thing, and deprecatory blessings, those offered through a prayer of petition addressed directly to God? Under what category do priestly blessings fall? Is it ever the case that a priestly blessing is not a liturgical act as Cardinal Fernandez has claimed?  

Kyle Clement: An imprecatory blessing is: “I,” then “my name,” then there’s a blessing, “bless you.” A classic example is a blessing that is missing in the domestic church, within the home, and it’s very simply: “I, your father, bless you in the name of our Father, God Almighty.” That’s an imprecatory blessing correctly discharged. Now, as the head of my household and as the father of my children, I can only give that blessing in my household and to my children. So that’s a very limited use of the imprecatory form.  

The difference is that [with] a priest of the Most High God, all of his blessings are imprecatory, because he’s configured to God in such an ontological way that he cannot act “as a man.” The idea that a priest is just a man is a false idea. There’s an ontological, metaphysical change that conforms him to God Almighty as a sacrifice set aside. In his life, in his thoughts, words, deeds everything must comport to that, the new identity, the new ontological conformity to God.  

And so [Cardinal] Fernández is wrong about this, as he is about many other things, and there’s not a way to explain it [away], there’s not a way to massage anything. Every priestly blessing is a liturgical act, is an affirmation of that person’s status within the Church. This is the whole point of [a] benediction.  

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LSN: If a priest “blesses” a couple living in adultery or fornication, or a homosexual “couple,” will this invite demonic activity rather than God’s blessings, since he is invoking the name of Christ and the blessed Trinity upon a couple constituted by a mortally sinful sexual relationship?  

KC: The real danger in this type blessing is that it affirms the soul in a state of habitual unrepentant mortal sin. And in doing so, this becomes a millstone moment for the priest. What does that mean? “Better that a millstone be tied around his neck and him cast into the sea, than to lead one of these little ones astray.” (Mt 18:6) Very simply, this is a millstone moment for the priest. And [it] needs to be said. As such, this is a very dangerous thing. 

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LSN: Does the desecration of the priestly office through some sacrilegious activity, such as the attempt to impart a blessing to couple constituted by a sinful sexual relationship, or through the commission of some sexual sin, invite or open a priest up to demonic activity or influence? 

KC: It absolutely does. It flings the door wide open. The other thing, too, is the sins of these clerics. There is a list of priests and bishops who have accessed deviant websites and places, such as Grindr, and others that have viewed pornographic material and/or [committed] pedophilia. They’ve been involved in improper things and have improper associations that are known. 

They should be suspended, very simply. This needs to be addressed. The fostering and promotion of the homosexual lifestyle and activity among the priesthood is absolutely impermissible. It’s canonically prohibited. And yet this is one that has infiltrated the seminaries to [such] an extent that young, righteous, orthodox men are being drummed out of the seminaries.  

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Ongoing association with McCarrick, having been promoted by him, defending him those individuals need to be censured, if not laicized. They need to certainly be investigated. And the same with pedophilia. This hierarchy has given lip service to [addressing] pedophilia, [and] to various other things, but at the end of the day, they have not addressed it adequately, especially when you have a cardinal who is presiding over [an] orgy and has a police record for having done this multiple times, [who] now becomes the spokesman for a false ecumenical outreach or dialogue with Freemasons who are known to him. He should not even know these people.  

When will we say ‘Basta! Enough. This is enough.’? When will we do that?  

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LSN: Are there demons of homosexuality, adultery, and fornication that are driving the push to bless and legitimize these sins within the Church? How can such an attack on the Church and on marriage be countered? What are the spiritual weapons to be used?  

KC: Excellent question. This speaks directly to Our Lady, the apparition at Fatima when Our Lady said the last attack will be on marriage. It absolutely is the attack on marriage. Now, we should understand that in the holy sacrament of matrimony, matrimony is taken from matris, which means the office of motherhood. 

This attack is directly against the Blessed Mother and her motherhood of Christ, King of the Universe. This is militating against rightly ordered motherhood, marriage, matrimony.  

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All of this becomes a mockery. How interesting that there is a mockery of womanhood by homosexual men. You don’t see lesbian women mocking manhood. Homosexual men mock mothers. They mock motherhood. They mock the feminine. And that is where the focus of the attack is. The focus of the first attack was on the woman, on Eve. Now we see this playing out again.  

What are the weapons? The weapons are to return to a time when there was, not perfection, but much more purity than we have now; which is to openly call out as a group, as lay faithful, and say, we will not be led into this howling wasteland, this howling wasteland devoid of virtue, truth, and goodness, this howling wasteland of modernism, and relativism, and equivocation, this howling wasteland where anyone can be called a saint, but no one is saintly, this false ecumenicism which says that Freemasonry may now walk into the Church that it has constantly militated against, this upside down, right is wrong is right, that celebrates Martin Luther, one of the greatest enemies of the Church, and a person whose name and whose action has done more damage than any other single individual to the integrity of the deposit of the faith. 

We’ve got to stop and say we must return to right reason and right order. 


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