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November 17, 2020 ( — As night fell on Saturday and the peaceful participants of the Million MAGA March in Washington, D.C. began to disperse, violent clashes provoked by Black Lives Matter and Antifa against Trump-supporters began being posted to social media.

Saturday’s massive event in support of Trump was countered by a variety of left-wing organizations, including Refuse Fascism and Black Lives Matter. As Trump-supporters were making their way back to their homes or hotels toward the end of the day, the leftist groups seemed no longer content to curse their opponents, but began to lay hands on them as well.

Part of a video of a daytime incident leading to the arrest of several BLM activists went viral on Saturday evening and into Sunday. The part that was most widely seen showed a Trump-supporter being hit from behind and then kicked while he was down. Leftists on social media complained that this video left out footage of the Trump-supporter starting the conflict. However, further footage shows that this particular incident was the outcome of police redirecting Trump-supporters through an increasingly violent mob of BLM activists.

In the first video, Trump-supporters are redirected through a crowd of BLM and Antifa counter-protesters by police, and a man is repeatedly punched and pushed by a woman in an orange hat starting around 1:13 (warning: violence and foul language):

The video continues, showing the man making his way to the corner. At that point, it seems that some Trump-supporters have had enough of the harassment and go after a man who was shouting expletives through a bullhorn. One Trump-supporter gets in a scuffle with several of the BLM activists, and when he turns to leave, he is struck in the head, then kicked while down. The attacker has been identified as Kenneth DeBarry, a convicted sex offender:

Another short video shows several of the BLM activists in police custody after the incident. De Barry was found to be in possession of a handgun when he was arrested. USA Today reports that at least 20 people were arrested on a variety of charges including disorderly conduct, inciting violence, and possession of weapons.

The pattern of harassment of Trump-supporters continued into the evening. One video shows a cyclist being pushed onto the ground, while another of the same event shows someone attempting to take his bike:

Other videos show families and couples being hounded by activists as they make an attempt to return to their lodgings. Another shows a young couple being hounded by activists as they attempted to leave the area:

As they marched through the streets, BLM activists harassed those now on the sidelines, throwing firecrackers at Trump-supporters as they ate dinner:

BLM activists did meet with resistance. One BLM activist was knocked out when Trump-supporters sought to retrieve a flag from the knife-wielding activist, while a group of “Proud Boys” got in a street fight with a group of Antifa activists, resulting in one person being taken to the hospital with knife wounds.

It seems that even certain members of the press were involved in the theft and destruction of MAGA merchandise, as can be seen in the following video:

On Saturday evening, President Trump called the counter-protestors “Antifa Scum” and called on police to enforce the law, while his daughter Ivanka called out the media for their “near total silence about the physical violence being perpetrated against conservatives.”

Amy Kremer, the organizer of the March for Trump, contrasted the behavior of the marchers with the counter-protesters, saying, “While our rally and march were a peaceful and patriotic affair, the violent attacks on Trump supporters on Saturday night were absolutely disgusting.”

She also called out the media for their bias in covering the evening’s conflicts. “The main stream media has either ignored this violence all together or tried to gaslight Americans into believing that the violence was on both sides. Let’s be completely clear, the only violence came from left wing radicals,” she insisted.

Finally, Kremer noted that the failure of the Democrat leaders to condemn the violence of the BLM/Antifa counter-protesters shows that they really have no interest in fostering unity in the nation. “If Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were truly interested in unity, they would have spoken out immediately about this violence. Their silence speaks volumes about just how disingenuous their claims to want to bring the country together actually are,” she said.


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