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Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal speaks at the 2015 Legatus Summit.Steve Jalsevac / LifeSiteNews

WASHINGTON, D.C., February 10, 2015 ( — President Obama may have lied about his belief on same-sex “marriage” to Pastor Rick Warren in 2008, but Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal says he won't do the same if he runs for president.

“It’s only recently, as the polls changed, that some politicians have changed their views,” he told CNN. But, says the potential 2016 GOP presidential candidate, “for many of us, it’s a very important part of our faith, we don’t think we should change the definition of marriage. It doesn’t mean that we want to discriminate against others, but it does mean that we say marriage has been between a man and a woman, in our faith it is something that is defined that way, we don’t think we should change that.” 

Additionally, Jindal said that if the Supreme Court overturns state laws that define marriage, Congress should pass a Constitutional amendment protecting state rights. “If the Supreme Court were to do this, I think the remedy would be a constitutional amendment in the Congress to tell the courts you can't overturn what the states have decided,” he said. 

“We’re a nation of laws, that’s why I said I want the Supreme Court not to overturn our laws,” he said on Tuesday.

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Jindal, a Catholic convert, has long been known for his conservative fiscal, health care, and education credentials as a governor, high-ranking federal employee, and member of Congress. He has highlighted his socially conservative principles in recent months, as well, as he has explored a run for president. He recently told LifeSiteNews that he is “proud to stand up and say that I believe in the traditional definition of marriage, between a man and a woman,” and also defended the right to life for unborn children.

Thanks in part to Jindal's leadership, Louisiana has been ranked as the number one pro-life state for two years in a row by Americans United for Life.