Sofia Vazquez-Mellado


Bolivia diocese warns about ‘friar’ promoting abortion in Catholics for the Right to Decide campaign

Sofia Vazquez-Mellado

October 28, 2013 ( – The Bolivian Archdiocese of Santa Cruz has issued a warning against the Mexican self-styled “friar” Julián Cruzalta, who has recently arrived to the country as part of a “Catholics for the Right to Decide” pro-abortion campaign. 

“This character has abandoned the Order of Dominicans five years ago. He dedicates himself to preach about the ‘urgency’ to change Catholic doctrine in favor of the legalization of abortion,” reads the release. 

The warning further explains that since he left the Order “he has traveled through Latin America promoting different feminist, abortionist and homosexual movements.” 

As has reported in the past, Cruzalta has a long history of involvement with anti-Christian causes. 

In 2004, he was listed as a signatory of a letter urging President Bush to restore funding to the UN Population Fund, which aids China in its coercive "one child policy." 

He has also been associated with homosexual causes, receiving an award from the homosexual group "Rolagay" in 2001, on the occasion of its "First Mexican Congress on the History of the LGBTT Community." 

In 2007 he visited the Dominican Republic, giving a series of conferences questioning the morality behind the Church’s pro-life position. He also participated in the 4th Forum On Sexual, Family, And Religious Diversity held by the dissident Mexican Bishop Raul Vera Lopez in 2011. 

According to the Information Service of the Mexico City Archdiocese, Cruzalta was never ordained to the priesthood; he “is not a priest but a deacon.”

However, in his Facebook and Twitter profiles he calls himself “Brother” Julián Cruzalta, and describes himself as a professor of theology, an ecumenical theologian and a human rights defender. 

A recent video of him on YouTube shows him performing a baptism and a “first communion” in a garden. Deacons cannot validly say mass according to Catholic doctrine. 

He also acts as “chaplain” for “Catholics for the Right to Decide,” the Latin American partner of “Catholics for Choice.” 

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On October 19th, he held a seminar in La Paz, Bolivia, entitled “Public Ethics and Reproductive Rights.” 

He has also traveled to the cities of Cochabamba, Santa Cruz and Sucre holding different conferences. 

When the archdiocese’s warning was issued, he attacked the local cardinal through his Twitter account, saying: “The archbishop of Santa Cruz says I’m ‘false,’ it’s his cardinal with his double-morality that is false ha ha ha…” 

The Catholic Church has repeatedly condemned “Catholics for the Right to Decide”. 

According to ACI Prensa, IRS legal documents show that Catholics for the Right to Decide spent almost 14 million USD in promoting abortion in Latin America between 2002 and 2012. 

The Ford Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and the Playboy Foundation have financed the organization’s campaigns.

Bolivia has recently struggled with foreign NGOs trying to promote abortion and performing it clandestinely throughout the country.

However, a recent study carried out by Women’s Coordinator (Coordinadora de la Mujer), a private network of feminist groups, showed that 79 percent of Bolivians reject abortion.

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