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November 17, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – With 83.76% of the vote already reported, everything pointed to a rejection of the leftist politician's candidacy. Then, suddenly, the reporting of election results was stopped for several hours. Contradictory explanations were given by election authorities for the sudden blackout, but when the reporting resumed, the late-arriving ballots from areas that favored the leftist candidate gave him just enough votes to pull off the win. In many of these late-arriving districts, friendly to the leftist politician, election officials reported the type of lopsided 90% + margins that are only seen in countries like Iran. Audit reports also found significant evidence of forged signatures.

Now, you may be thinking that we are describing what happened on the night of the 2020 presidential election in the United States, but you would be partly mistaken. We are actually describing the findings of the reports by the Organization of American States, and the European Union's electoral observer missions during the presidential elections of 2019 in Bolivia. Yet, the description also seems to fit the events of November 3 and 4 in the United States.

In the U.S., the same type of statistically improbable, middle-of-the-night resurrection of the leftist candidate followed several mysterious breaks in reporting. The graphs showing the sudden jump in the vote precisely at the time when vote reporting blackouts occurred. Take a good look at the following graphs. The first shows the share of the vote between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden in Michigan and Wisconsin, with the vertical climb in votes for Biden coinciding with massive dumps of mail-in ballots for Biden from Milwaukee.


In comparison, the second graph shows a similar and sudden break that jumped in favor of left-wing Socialist party candidate, Evo Morales, in Bolivia’s 2019 presidential elections. This occurred just as updates to the public were halted.

Official OAS report

An audit conducted by the Organization of American States (OAS) reported that, “the first-round victory of Evo Morales was statistically improbable and the result of a massive and inexplicable increase in the number of votes for MAS in the final 5% of the votes counted …The size of the breaks is extremely unusual and calls into question the credibility of the process.”

According to, “a police report revealed that the 2019 electoral fraud was perpetrated with the alteration of electoral records and through computer manipulation…[W]hen [Morales’ Socialist party] realized that they were not going to win the elections, [they] interrupted the transmission of data to “bomb” information from an external and illegal server.”

In the U.S., reports were interrupted in almost all key swing states on election night for hours at a time.

Trump was leading several key battleground states by large percentage points at 11 p.m. on election night, which led to an impromptu victory speech. Those large leads, however, dwindled overnight and two of those states were actually called for Joe Biden the following day. 

In Fulton County, Georgia, a “broken water pipe” delayed absentee ballot counting for at least four hours. Similar pauses in reporting occurred in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and North Carolina. A “fact check” by USA Today denied claims that ballots ever stopped being counted. They explained delays in results were due to the amount of mail-in ballots to count.

However, the fact-checkers offered no explanation for why Allegheny County, Pennsylvania took the day off for “administrative work” on Thursday after elections and did not resume counting until Friday.

“Bethany Hallam, a member of the county elections board …[said]…she did not have an answer as to why,” Politifact reported. “The only state that stopped counting votes overnight on Nov. 3 was North Carolina — but that doesn’t mean it’s done counting votes, and the halt had nothing to do with Trump being ahead in the state.”

A team of auditors discovered a bizarre algorithm in voting outcomes of four Michigan precincts. Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, an MIT-trained data scientist; Bennie Smith, a Democrat and software engineer, data analyst and an election commissioner; and Phil Evans, an engineer and data analyst, found something extremely unusual in their audit. The more a precinct leaned Republican, the more votes for Trump declined in linear fashion – as if an algorithm in the machines was switching Trump votes to Biden votes. “The odd ‘shape’ of the algorithm’s impact on the vote tally cries ‘fraud’ from the rooftops.”