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Caution: This article and video contain explicit, disturbing sexual information that will offend some. This is not for children or sensitive persons.

(LifeSiteNews) — “September 6, 2023, will be a day you remember,” promised Larry Sinclair – the man who maintains he had gay sex and took drugs with then-Illinois state Senator Barack Obama in 1999 – just a few hours before his interview with Tucker Carlson was to be aired via X.

Sinclair’s prediction is likely to be proved true. Obama, who seemingly arrived out of nowhere to become the Democratic Party’s nominee for president in 2008, was universally presented as an all-American family man, golden-tongued orator, and the man who would heal race relations. He self-confidently asserted that his choice as the Democratic nominee marked “the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.”

Obama’s past was presented as above reproach, and journalists shied away from even minimal vetting of their favored candidate. But according to Carlson’s guest, in late 1999 Obama’s marriage was on the brink of collapse and Obama had shared two drug-fueled sexual encounters with Sinclair.

‘Definitely not Obama’s first time’ to have gay sex and smoke crack

Sinclair told Carlson that he was looking to party hard while on a visit to Chicago in November 1999. He made it clear to his rented limo driver that he was looking to socialize with someone who would enjoy sharing a night of drugs and maybe gay sex.

The limo driver introduced him to a man named Barack Obama, who casually mentioned to Sinclair that he was having “some issues” with his marriage. “That was made clear.”

Obama purchased coke with $250 given to him by Sinclair. When Sinclair began to snort a line of coke as they glided along in the back of the limo, Obama pulled out a pipe and started to smoke cocaine. Sinclair described Obama as “calm and euphoric” and “talkative without saying anything” while high.

Sinclair rubbed his hand along Obama’s thigh “to see where the night was going” and so the “night became somewhat active sexually and drug wise in the limo.” Obama did not rebuff Sinclair’s sexual advance.

“It definitely was not Barack’s first time,” Sinclair said. “That much I’m absolutely certain of.”

“And I’m willing to bet it wasn’t his last,” he added.

Sinclair said he then performed oral sex on Obama.

The following day, Obama showed up uninvited and unannounced at Sinclair’s motel room looking to indulge in more of the same action from the night before: crack and fellatio.

“I thought he was definitely a ‘con’” Sinclair said. “I felt it was a game for him.”

“So you were left with a bad taste in your mouth,” commented a deadpan Carlson, most likely tongue-in-cheek.

Even though the two had twice done drugs and engaged in oral sex, Sinclair had no idea at that point that Obama was an up-and-coming Chicago politician. All he knew was that he was a man with a troubled marriage.

It wasn’t until five years later as Sinclair watched the 2004 Democratic National Convention on TV that he realized the stature of the man with whom he had partied.

“I was absolutely positive it was him,” Sinclair said when he saw Obama walk across the stage to deliver his address at the convention. Sinclair told friends who were with him that night, “I blew this guy twice.”

Fast forward to 2007

When Obama was presented to the United States as a squeaky-clean 2008 presidential candidate, Sinclair was moved to act. He wanted Obama to come clean about his past drug use.

He reached out to the Obama campaign and asked, “Why don’t you simply say ‘I’ve done coke and I’ve done it as recently as 1999. Just tell the truth. Be honest.”

While Sinclair made no mention of the sexual dimension of their encounter during his exchange with campaign officials, he said that in late 2007 a man representing himself as a member of the campaign reached out to him a number of times and brought up the fact that Sinclair and Obama had engaged in gay sex.

Sinclair said he suspected that Obama himself had shared that bit of information with Donald Young, the voice on the other end of the phone.

Young was the charismatic 47-year-old homosexual choir director at Trinity United Church where Obama was a member.

According to Sinclair, Young insinuated to him that he too had had sex with Obama, saying that the two “had been intimate for years.”

Not much later, on Christmas Eve 2007, Young was shot dead in his Chicago apartment.  According to police reports, there was no evidence of a robbery. No forced entry. It appeared to be simply a murder.

Young’s mother, a former Chicago Police Department employee, confirmed that her son had been friendly with the young politician and that she felt that her son “had been killed in order to protect his friend, Obama,” and that they had been “intimate friends for years.”

Sinclair asserted that both the church’s pastor, Jeremiah Wright, and Obama know who killed Donald Young. “There is no doubt in my mind about that,” Sinclair said.

The Obama campaign sought to destroy Sinclair

Sinclair said that a Chicago Tribune reporter who met with him at the time shared that Obama campaign honcho David Axelrod, later a senior adviser in Obama’s White House, told him that the campaign was aware of who Sinclair was and that they intended to destroy him.

Axelrod warned the Tribune reporter that any journalist covering Sinclair’s story would be “completely cut off” from the Obama campaign.

“Everyone wanted access to the new savior,” and “nobody wanted to be blackballed and denied access to an historic campaign,” said Sinclair, explaining why no one in mainstream media covered his story.

‘Grifter Obama is calling the shots in the current Biden Administration’ 

Sinclair described his current assessment of Obama: “I think he’s the same grifter that he’s always been. I think he’s still very power hungry. I think he’s calling the shots in the current Biden Administration.”

He also said that Obama had set race relations back 50 years. Thanks to Obama, “everything is about race now. Everything is about victimization now.”

Yet despite Obama’s palpable contempt for white people, Sinclair said that he’s likely not the only white male with whom Obama has had sex.