By John-Henry Westen

WASHINGTON, DC, February 3, 2009 ( – Boston Cardinal Sean O’Malley says that if he could only tell President Obama one thing, it would be that “life is the most important value we have to defend.” The Boston church leader made that remark to as he was leaving the vigil Mass for the March for Life in Washington DC two weeks ago.

But following Obama’s opening of US funding to groups performing and promoting abortion internationally, the Cardinal was even more explicit.  Writing on his blog Saturday, the Archbishop said: “Also this week, as we feared, the President has chosen to reverse the Mexico City policy which prohibited U.S. government money from being used in programs which provide or promote abortions overseas. We can only speculate on what the implications of that decision are going to be.”

“When we see the numbers of abortions being performed in the developing world — many of which are directed at girls in the womb — it is very disturbing to think that our country is going to be promoting this kind of assault on human life and dignity throughout the world,” he added. “Abortion is a great evil and anytime restrictions to abortion are lifted it is a tragedy.”

Reflecting on the March for Life itself the Cardinal, who walked along the route with the hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers, said, “The March for Life was a great success. The numbers of people who participated — particularly the number of young people — and the enthusiasm of the people for the cause was very encouraging. However, it is disturbing to see that the secular press, for the most part, chose to ignore a gathering of this proportion.”

Cardinal O’Malley’s blog is online here: