Kathleen Gilbert


Boston College among several Catholic schools with pro-abortion campus groups

Kathleen Gilbert

BOSTON, January 6, 2012 (LifeSiteNews.com) - A conservative student group is criticizing Boston College, a Catholic university, for hosting a pro-abortion advocacy group on campus.

According to the Catholic Boston College website, the “Law Students for Reproductive Justice” (LSRJ) at the institution’s law school “promotes discussion, education, and advocacy on issues of reproductive freedom,” including “global family planning,  comprehensive sex education, contraceptive equity and birth control options,” and “safe, legal and accessible abortion.”

TFP Student Action, which is protesting the campus group, noted that analogous pro-abortion groups can be found at other Catholic universities, including DePaul University, Fordham University, Georgetown University, Santa Clara University and Seattle University.

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“The term ‘reproductive justice’ is itself a mockery of justice, for it seeks not to respect, but to abolish true justice. Real justice bestows upon all the right to life, which abortion denies and tramples,” said TFP Student Action in its press release.

TFP Student Action also pointed out how students at another Catholic college actively promote abortion: Fordham’s website states that some law students there take part in “an ongoing escort program in partnership with Planned Parenthood.”  At DePaul University in Chicago, Law Students for Reproductive Justice are recognized as an official student organization with a professorial advisor.

“Why are these pro-abortion groups given free reign on these Catholic campuses?  How much funding do they receive to promote abortion under the false pretense of ‘justice’?” asked the student action group.

TFP Student Action is seeking to collect 20,000 peaceful protest petitions in 20 days.

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