Boston Gay Activists Harass and Intimidate Focus on the Family Ex-Homosexual Conference

By Hilary White

BOSTON, November 2, 2005 ( - The “Love Won Out” conference in Boston Massachusetts that teaches that homosexuality isÂfrequently preventable and treatable was disrupted by shouting protesters while police stood by.

The October 29 conference, sponsored by Focus on the Family and the Tremont Temple Baptist Church in Boston was protested by a group of homosexual activists who objected to the conference message.

Spokesmen for the church said that radical homosexual activists had been harassing them for weeks preceding the conference. Protesters would come to stand outside the church holding signs and confronting worshippers as they left services.

Christian Civic League of Maine reported that protesters came from a large anti-war rally on the Boston Commons from which a group of radical homosexual activists gathered outside the church chanting slogans and frightening attendees. Using PA systems, protesters shouted obscenities and yelled “Shut it down! Shut it down!” for almost 45 minutes.

One conference attendee said, “The anger, rage, and hatred,” of protesters “were [sic] indescribable.”

Boston police were present but did nothing to disperse the crowd. They stationed themselves in front of the church’s street entrance and blocked conferees from leaving. A pastor who came out to photograph the crowd saw that it filled the entire block. He was told by police to go back inside for his safety and not to come out again.

Coverage from the Boston Herald extensively quoted homosexual activists who said that Massachusetts is being especially targeted by “anti-gay” groups.

In a letter to the Herald, Brian Camenker said that the Love Won Out conference brings a message to homosexuals that the gay activists “vehemently want to stop. People can be healed from the pain of homosexual behavior by embracing God…Now even religious programs in churches are targets. Is this the ‘civil rights’ they keep talking about?”

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