Boston Woman Suing Abortion Practitioner and Planned Parenthood for Failing to Kill Daughter

Wed Mar 7, 2007 - 12:15 pm EST

By Hilary White
  SUFFOLK, Massachusetts, March 7, 2007 ( - The Boston Globe reports that a Charlestown woman is suing Planned Parenthood and one of their abortionists for child support after the latter failed to kill her daughter in 2004.
  Jennifer Raper, 45, is including a second doctor in the suit who, she says, failed to inform her that she was still pregnant after the attempted abortion. The suit was filed Thursday in Suffolk Superior Court and is awaiting screening before being allowed to go to trial.
  The suit alleges that Dr. Allison Bryant did not "properly" abort the child, who is now two, "causing the plaintiff to remain pregnant."
  Since the nearly universal introduction of legalized abortion around the world starting in the 1960’s, the phenomenon of so-called "wrongful life" or "wrongful birth" lawsuits has grown, highlighting the contradictions involved with legal abortion.
  In 2003, a British Columbia doctor was ordered to pay $325,000 to two separated parents whose child he failed to diagnose with Down’s syndrome before birth, and therefore in time to have her killed by abortion. The mother of the child said her daughter’s condition "totally disrupted our plans," and resulted in the breakdown of the marriage.
  An Italian court ruled in July 2006 that such suits were invalid in Italy, saying there could be no such thing as a "right not to be born."
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