John-Henry Westen


Boycott Launched Against Famous Players Theatres For Pre-Film Ads Promoting Gay ‘Marriage’

John-Henry Westen

TORONTO, February 7, 2005 ( – Since last Tuesday, Canada’s largest movie theatre chain, Famous Players, has subjected patrons to a pro-gay ‘marriage’ ad before the start of every movie shown in its Canada-wide chain. Salah Bachir, President of Famous Players Media and a great friend of the Toronto homosexual activist community, confirmed to that he had donated the ads. 

The ad states, “‘I Do’ is the same whether you’re gay or straight” and urges theater patrons to let members of Parliament know “you support Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms”. 

The Canada Family Action Coalition(CFAC) is launching a national boycott against the Famous Players Theatre chain. Several pro-family groups have joined the measure and are urging their members to boycott Famous Players to protest the move.

Jim Hughes of Campaign Life Coalition is urging all of his organization’s supporters to boycott the theatre chain and contact its management to let them know the reason for the action. 

Tristan Emmanuel of the ECP Center and REAL Women’s Gwen Landolt also told that they are urging their members to boycott Famous Players. 

Dr Charles McVety, President of Canada Family Action Coalition, said, “We are deeply saddened by Famous Players Theatres decision to subject unsuspecting movie-goers to ads promoting same sex marriage. It is a betrayal of the trust accorded to Famous Players by their viewing public, including parents who send their children to see a film.” 

Dr. McVety contacted the offices of Robb Chase, President and COO of Famous Players Theatres and Mr. Salah Bachir, President, Famous Players Media Inc., requesting the cancellation of the program or at least equal time for pro-marriage messaging. “Regrettably our concerns were spurned and our request rejected,” explained the CFAC President. 

CFAC is urging its members and all Canadians to refuse to attend Famous Players Theatres and contact:  Famous Players President and COO Robb Chase Phone 416.969.7800   or fax at 416.964.5839.  To express concerns to Salah Bachir Of Famous Players Media (company which handles ads for Famous Players)  (416) 539-8800 ext 222  

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