WASHINGTON, D.C., August 8, 2005 (LifeSiteNews.com) – The most recently released list of corporate supporters of Planned Parenthood, published by Life Decisions International (LDI), identifies several corporations that are new boycott targets. And while 116 corporations have agreed to stop funding the abortion-committing group, The Boycott List includes many corporations that have been boycott targets for quite some time.

Among the new boycott targets are Ernst & Young (accounting/auditing), Epic Systems (healthcare management software/technology), Emmis Communications (broadcasting/publishing), Highsmith (library/school products), Merck & Company (pharmaceuticals), Oracle (software), Neiman Marcus (retail stores), Time Warner (entertainment), and Wells Fargo (financial services).

Before a corporation is added to The Boycott List, corporate officials are sent information about Planned Parenthood, details about the boycott, and a formal request that the corporation stop funding the pro-abortion group. “We have had several chief executive officers agree to stop giving to Planned Parenthood right away, which means we never had to release the names of their corporations,” said LDI President Douglas R. Scott. “But many corporations need a bit of prodding before they realize the gravity of supporting the world’s number one abortion-advocacy group.”

Corporations that have been boycott targets for quite some time include Bank of America (financial services), CIGNA (insurance), Johnson & Johnson (pharmaceuticals/consumer products), J. P. Morgan Chase (financial services), Kenneth Cole (clothing/accessories), Levi Strauss (clothing), Pfizer (pharmaceuticals/consumer products), Prudential (insurance), Walt Disney (entertainment), Unilever (consumer products), Wachovia (financial services), and Whole Foods (food stores).

“This is not a Jesse Jackson boycott; make news for a day or two and then go away,” Scott said. “Several corporations were boycott targets for many years before their chief executives finally realized we are relentless and will continue to let them know we disapprove of their philanthropic practices. The key is remaining diligent. If we give up, Planned Parenthood wins.”

LDI’s Corporate Funding Project (CFP) is estimated to have cost Planned Parenthood more than $35 million over the past decade. And the figure continues to climb.

More information about the CFP: https://www.fightpp.org/show.cfm?page=boycott