By John-Henry Westen

  SAN FRANCISCO, October 1, 2007 ( – The Catholic League in the United States which, along with 200 supporting groups, last week launched a boycott of Miller Brewing Co. has indicated that the boycott is having an effect. The boycott was launched as the result of the beer company’s sponsorship of a sadomasochistic gay street parade which features full nudity and public sex acts witnessed by children who attend the parade.

  The Folsom Street Fair took place yesterday with the same notorious features for which it is known. Catholic League president Bill Donohue described the scene as reported in the San Francisco Chronicle saying, “couples led each other up and down the street with dog collars and leashes, men in thong underwear played Twister….’ There was also a man who was flogged to such an extent that ‘red lash marks covered his back.’ Other gay men decided to ‘walk around naked’ in front of women and children.”

  In a startling revelation Donohue said “there was a female stripper who was hoisted in a cage over a Roman Catholic Church on a Sunday when Masses were being said.”

  The response from Miller to the boycott, “has been encouraging, though incomplete,” said Donohue. “The Milwaukee brewer issued a news release on September 26 saying it took exception to the use of its logo on an offensive poster (for the parade) mocking the Last Supper. Today, it extended its original statement by apologizing for the misuse of its logo, ‘particularly [to] members of the Christian community who have contacted us to express their concern.’”

  The apology from Miller also indicated the company was reviewing its policies on event sponsorship. “We are conducting an immediate audit of our procedures for approving local marketing and sales sponsorships to ensure that this does not happen again,” it said.

“We called Miller today asking for clarification of this statement, and we are pleased to note that a full-scale review of all its promotional policies is underway,” said Donohue. “It is not certain at this time whether Miller plans to sponsor events like the Folsom Street Fair in the future. Accordingly, while we are not calling off the boycott, we are tabling a serious course of action that we were going to announce today. We expect that Miller will resolve this issue before too long.”

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