WASHINGTON, Feb 25 (  If pro-life and pro-family activists can learn how to use publicity more regularly as a tool to combat their opponents, they might reap valuable rewards. The response to CNN czar Ted Turner’s recent anti-Christian comments effectively illustrates this point.

On February 16, at a meeting of the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association (NHPRHA), Turner called for an international “one-child policy” while making degrading jokes about the Ten Commandments, and a racist joke about Pope John Paul II.  Following the news reports of his comments, the Catholic League responded quickly demanding an apology, as did U.S. Presidential candidate Gary Bauer.

Turner formally apologized for his disparaging comments about the pope and the Ten Commandments. In a letter sent to the Catholic League last week Turner said he “regrets any offense his comments may have caused … and extends his heartfelt apologies.”

Last Thursday the Polish government threatened to end dealings with Turner’s broadcasting company if he failed to apologize to Poland. As a result, on Sunday Turner had to humble himself once again.