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Bishop Athanasius Schneider in Rome, April 7, 2018Diane Montagna / LifeSiteNews

June 28, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – In an interview granted to the producers of a forthcoming documentary titled Planet Lockdown, Bishop Athanasius Schneider of Astana, Kazakhstan, spoke of how the COVID-19 enterprise appears to be aimed at creating “a society of total control”; his “no exception” moral position on the use of abortion-tainted vaccines; and the similarities between his earlier life growing up under Soviet Communist oppression and what is happening today in the Western world.

Asked to reflect on the lockdowns which have occurred over the last 15 months, Schneider stated that the similar, universal application of these measures was clearly “an exaggeration and out of proportion” to the threat from the virus, and thus, it indicated goals which went beyond medical aims.  


“Why are they doing this?” the bishop asked. “It’s not only for the health of people, but there must be another aim, a kind of political aim to create new structures and systems of social life, probably of more control over every one of us, so a society of total control. And when there is a society of total control … this is very close to a society of slaves, where there is a small elite group who controls the rest.”

“This impression is left now after this year’s experiences of lockdowns and other measures, with the evermore necessity to now be vaccinated. Therefore, one can believe that there is the aim of creating a new social system, an order,” he said.

Bishop Schneider also mentioned how essential the right to privacy is to human dignity. “We have also a right to privacy, not to be controlled completely. And when you have no privacy, you are a slave. Slaves have no privacy. And this is against the dignity of the human person.”

Acknowledging that the freedom of evildoers and criminals can be legitimately curtailed, he made the distinction between the innocent and the guilty in this regard.  

“When the entire society has submitted to total control, in some way we are all treated like dangerous persons who have to be controlled. This is against the dignity of human beings created by God.”

‘No exception’ for abortion-tainted vaccines

With regard to the use of vaccines which are produced or tested “by using cell lines from an abortion, from an assassination of an innocent child,” Bishop Schneider said he is convinced “this is an intrinsic evil. And a Christian cannot, in no way, in no exception, can you legitimately use this vaccine. Since you know this, with full knowledge and full freedom, you cannot do this, because in this way you are collaborating in a proximate way, not in a remote way, but a proximate way, with the horrible, fatal (abortion-tainted pharmaceutical) industry, which is every day growing now.”

“And there are two phenomenon we have to distinguish,” the bishop continued. “One is the killing of the innocent babies, it’s horrible, the abortion itself, and then the other horrible phenomenon (is) the abuse of their body parts and cells by medical research and industry that is now expanding. And so, they are putting us close to this horrible, cruel industry, abusing the weakest ones in our society, the unborn and their body parts, and therefore there is no exception, we cannot use their abortion-tainted vaccines or medicines from the moment we have a sure knowledge about this.”

“We have to always protest against this. When we admit an exception, then our protest is not credible and (this) is weakening all our protesting against this horrible industry. And we’ll be ineffective, de facto,” he said.  

Similarities between the West today and Soviet Communism

Schneider, who in his childhood experienced the underground Church in the Soviet Union, where his parents were active members, compared his life under the Soviet system to what is happening today in the West.

“This is very similar to the Soviet time in which I lived. There is only one meaning admitted. And if you declare another meaning, you are declared as an enemy, or as a spy, or as a ‘conspiracy theory.’ Indeed, this is Soviet powers,” he said.

“If you offer another opinion (they say) you are a ‘conspiracy group.’ You have a ‘conspiracy theory.’ And you have ‘hate speech.’ This expression ‘hate speech’ came from the communists. They say ‘you are hating the Soviet system, you are hating the Soviet people because you are against Communism,’” he said.

Schneider went on to say that the Soviet communists were “continuously brainwashing,” always providing information about the “beautiful life” under that system. Today, with the use of our mass media and social media, we have “brainwashing from morning to evening with the so-called ‘COVID news’ which are not real,” and there is no opportunity for anyone to provide any real analysis of the data which is being provided, he said.

The mask is a symbol of ‘submission to the new system’

“And now we have for the entire population of the world, a sign of the submission to this new system: the mask,” the bishop observed. “It’s a visible sign that you are submitted. Even if so many scientists and doctors, and people with common sense say, the mask is really useless … But it is continuing because the new social global system wants to have a concrete exterior sign of submission, and an expression of the continuous emergency situation they created and even expanded.”  

“And so, I hope people with common sense will rise up from diverse parts of the society, of good will, to resist the new forms of dictatorship in the Western world,” he said.

“This society should be renewed, and I’m convinced it can only be renewed with Christ the only king of humanity, the Savior, and with the Commandments of God, which only lead humanity to true happiness and peace,” Schneider concluded.

Planet Lockdown has made all of its full interviews available, including features from former Pfizer vice president Dr. Michael Yeadon; the most cited microbiologist in German academic history, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi; Drs. Wolfgang Wodarg, Sherri Tenpenny, and more. They are available at their website.


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