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(LifeSiteNews) — On this week’s episode of The Bishop Strickland Show, Bishop Joseph Strickland and special guest Father Mark Goring reflect on the legacies of the late Pope Benedict XVI and Cardinal George Pell, two brilliant yet humble servants of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Bishop Strickland and Father Goring agreed that what stood out most about Benedict and Pell was their great humility and witness to the faith through suffering.

“[Benedict] could be [a part of] one of the Fortune 500 companies, if that’s how he had used his brilliance. But instead he studied the faith and shared that faith in a very humble way,” Strickland said, adding that his sudden resignation from the papacy in 2013 was an “expression of his humility.”

“Not abandoning the Church in any way, but stepping into a very prayerful mode, recognizing the diminishing strength that he was concerned about even before he was made pope,” His Excellency said.

Father Goring reflected on Cardinal Pell as a “courageous voice” who “wasn’t afraid to speak up on the unpopular issues of the day.”

“He seemed to have a deep concern for the Church and making sure the Church stays on the right path, the path of fidelity to the teaching of our Lord Jesus, biblical orthodoxy as taught by the saints throughout the ages,” he said. “And I didn’t know a lot about Cardinal Pell, but I heard he was he was really popular among the young people in Australia because of his upholding [of] the Catholic Church teaching which wasn’t considered politically correct.”

“Young people who are searching for truth and looking for courageous leaders, they found that in Cardinal Pell. So, yeah, I’ll praise God for his courage and his love to be able to stand for the truth,” Goring added.

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