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(LifeSiteNews) — On this week’s episode of The Bishop Strickland Show, Bishop Joseph Strickland praises other bishops for speaking out against Cardinal Robert McElroy and his heterodox remarks undermining Catholic moral theology, and then explains how defending the fullness of truth brings us joy and peace.

Bishop Strickland made it clear that McElroy pushing to give Holy Communion to “sexually active” people in mortal sin, such as “LGBT persons” and the divorced and remarried in a state of adultery, is “contrary to the truth” and thus “heterodox.”

“Every single bishop made the same promises to guard the deposit of faith, and when anyone speaks in a way that isn’t the deposit of faith, we need to call them on it,” Strickland said. “The people of God need to hear their shepherd say, ‘No, this is not the truth.’ Because, certainly, we know there are politicians, and there are business people, and there are crazy world-dominating people that are saying all kinds of crazy things. But for the bishops to say things that aren’t true, that’s devastating. Because where do the sheep go if the shepherds are not orthodox?”

Being “steeped in the truth” and actively defending the truth, His Excellency added, is a way to “make Satan tremble” and help build up the Church.

“There’s a lot of turmoil, and things come out of the Vatican that get people all upset. The more I pray and the more I cling to the truth, the more peaceful I am. And that is a great blessing,” Bishop Strickland said.

“Many people are looking for a peaceful life, a meaningful life, a life where they feel that everything’s okay. And if they turn to Christ, it doesn’t make all the evil go away, but it does give us a peace that allows us to stay with His truth,” he added.

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