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(LifeSiteNews) — Bishop Joseph Strickland has shared a Canadian priest’s video imploring bishops to transmit the teachings of the Church to the lay faithful, instead of leaving the job to lay YouTubers. 

In a Twitter post on Sunday evening, the Bishop of Tyler, Texas shared Fr. Mark Goring’s recent video entitled “Dear Bishops: We Need Clarity!”  

Once again Fr Goring nails it,” said Strickland. “We need a chorus of bishops proclaiming the truth of our Catholic Faith & refuting the false teachings that so many are putting forth.” 


In his video, Fr. Goring called out the leaders of the Church in Germany for their heresy. He reported that, back in April, more than seventy bishops had signed a Fraternal Open Letter to the German bishops, begging them to remain faithful to the teachings of the Church. 

Since then, the number of bishops and cardinals who have signed the document has increased. They signed the document, “imploring the German Catholic bishops to remain faithful to their promise to uphold the Deposit of the Catholic Faith.”  

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Goring also reported that the German Synod, which began in 2019 and ends in 2023, has come up with certain statements that “totally go against the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ, the teachings of the Catholic Church.” He said that it is concerning that there has lately been an increase in “odd statements” that are not “biblically orthodox” made by some leaders in the Church.  

“They’re not Catholic,” Goring declared. 

“It’s almost like, for some leaders in the Church, it’s kind of trendy to get into what they call an eloquent ambiguity,” he said. “Kind of confusing. Kind of like the devil.”  

“These leaders, they need to stop doing this at this time when there is so much confusion.” 

Goring explained that it is the job of the leaders of the Church to provide clarity, not confusion, to the faithful. He reminded them that their croziers symbolize the shepherd who drives away the wolves, and so that is what they must do for the Catholic faithful.  

“And so please, stick with the teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ,” he begged.  “Defend the deposit of the faith. Stick with biblical orthodoxy. We need clarity.” 

“We’re imploring you,” he continued. “Don’t leave the defending of the Catholic faith to a few courageous bishops and a few lay men and women on YouTube!”  

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