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(LifeSiteNews) — On this week’s episode of The Bishop Strickland Show, Bishop Joseph Strickland explains beautifully the need to conform ourselves to God’s love and encourage others to believe that God loves them, too.

Bishop Strickland tells a story about a hermit priest in his diocese who just recently died to illustrate this point. The hermit, much like Pope Benedict XVI in his last years, was afforded a great deal of quality time with God in prayer, and no one who spends that much time in prayer will fail to know God’s love and mercy more deeply.

Even though we laypeople may not have the luxury to spend hours in prayer each day, we can learn valuable lessons from someone like a diocesan hermit to grow in the knowledge and love of God, such as the importance of frequent confession, reception of the Eucharist, and adopting a private devotion like the Rosary.

“I think it is important that it starts with [going] to confession,” Bishop Strickland says. “Because that’s where Christ starts. That’s just what it says in the Gospel. Just recently we read Him saying, ‘Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand.'”

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Stand with brave priest who was SUSPENDED after defying the LGBT agenda against his abbot’s wishes!
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The radical LGBT agenda infiltrating the Catholic Church is persecuting another brave priest, who now desperately needs your help to speak on his behalf. 

Fr. Joachim Wernersbach has been SUSPENDED by his abbot of the Benedictine Tholey Abbey for preaching against gender ideology and the heterodox Synodal Way — pushed by Pope Francis and the German Synod of Bishops.  

Fr. Wernersbach is also suspended from performing pastoral activists in the surrounding parish, and is being subject to “an ecclesiastical investigation.” 

We need everyone to speak up for suspended priest Fr. Wernersbach — the LGBT agenda cannot claim another brave and devout priest. 

SIGN and SHARE now.

Pro-life and pro-family priests around the world are being silenced and cancelled, while pro-LGBT activists get hand-written letters from the Pope, like Fr. James Martin. 

Fr. Wernersbach simply reiterated Catholic teaching in his Christmas homily: "You hear about gender and transgender, transhumanism and reproductive health, wokeness and LGBTQ, diversity and identity. Of multiple genders and gender reassignment, plus this devastating new understanding of revelation from the Synodal Way," he said. 

"My dear friends, even the terms are absolutely disturbing. They all have one thing in common: they lack beauty, they lack coherence, and they lack naturalness. They are not aligned, not in harmony with the inconceivably beautiful Divine Order." 

For this denunciation of anti-Catholic trends, Fr. Wernersbach has been suspended by his own abbot. The entire homily has also been removed from YouTube.

The systematic persecution of pro-life and pro-family priests must end now.   

Demand that Fr. Wernersbach be restored to full priestly ministry and demand that his superiors STOP shilling for the LGBT agenda! 

Good and faithful priests are being systematically cancelled — but you can raise your voice to stop the attacks. 

SIGN NOW before it’s too late.  

Fr. Wernersbach needs your voice!


German priest punished by superiors for preaching against gender ideology, Synodal Way

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Of course, it is entirely fitting to share God’s love with others as we come to know it ourselves. His Excellency says that although the love of God is a high bar we can never really live up to in this life, we nevertheless do others a “disservice” by watering down the Gospel message.

“To not give them the fullness of Jesus Christ is a travesty. It is to give them a counterfeit Gospel that is somehow watered down, as if all this is an ideal that you can’t live up to. What a crock,” Bishop Strickland says. “And what a disservice, what a lack of love, what a lack of faith to say, ‘Oh, the present generation can’t live up to this, so we’re going to water down the truth, and we’re going to say you don’t really have to repent.’ What this tells people is that God’s love isn’t real.”

His Excellency continues: “And God’s love is reality. And that’s why I guess I was so inspired with the experience of this hermit’s funeral. Because this man knew the love of God and knew that all reality flows from that love of God. And it’s such a counterfeit Church, a counterfeit world, a counterfeit universe that is being promoted when it’s not focused on the love of God.”

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