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December 22, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas addressed several current topics including his opinions on the COVID-19 vaccines and mandates, as well as his recent prayer address at the Jericho March in Washington, D.C., on today’s Bishop Strickland Show.

Co-host Terry Barber asked His Excellency for his thoughts on proposals being put forth in New York that would make vaccination for COVID-19 mandatory. 

Strickland said that “adults need to make their own decisions about what their risks are and what their needs are.” He called any bill or order that would make receiving a vaccine mandatory wrong because “we’re all children of God and to take that freedom away is a serious step in the wrong direction.” 

Co-host Terry Barber also asked His Excellency for his thoughts on YouTube’s recent ban of LifeSiteNews for having aired his remarks last week on the coronavirus. Bishop Strickland had said last week that he could not morally accept taking “any” vaccine derived from or developed with the cells of aborted babies. 

Strickland said that he was not surprised by the move, and he “stand[s] by what they censored.”

On December 12, Bishop Strickland addressed the recent Jericho March in Washington, D.C. to continue praying for clarity in this year’s presidential election. He told Barber that with all the confusion going on, it’s important that Christians gather to pray, and that “the Catholic Church needs to be clearly represented as part of that prayer community because we believe in Jesus Christ as the Lord and savior of all humanity.” 

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