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(LifeSiteNews) — On this week’s episode of The Bishop Strickland Show, Bishop Joseph Strickland reacts to Father James Martin’s tweet defending Pete Buttigieg’s same-sex “marriage” and reminds us that truths of the natural law bind us all, Catholic or non-Catholic.

In case you missed it, Father Martin recently tweeted the following: “Like it or not, and whether or not you support same-sex marriage, [Pete Buttigieg] is legally married to [Chasten].” The tweet was a reply to the Catholic League, which called his “marriage” a “legal fiction.”

Bishop Strickland says people with homosexual inclinations are “beloved of God,” and that inclinations and temptations are not sins. But when any of us act sinfully, His Excellency adds, we “step away” from God’s love.

“God still loves us as sinners. But because He loves us, He calls us to repent. And there’s too much of a message of no need for repentance,” he says. “Frankly, telling Pete Buttigieg, ‘Oh, you’re married,’ that is telling him to continue living what the Church says is an immoral lifestyle, presuming that he has a sexual relationship with the man he calls his husband.”

Bishop Strickland acknowledges that poor catechism is a real problem contributing to people’s indifference about sin and virtue, but nevertheless the truths of the natural law are inscribed on all of our hearts, even if we choose to ignore them at our own peril.

“Too many people … [are] focused on all sorts of worldly things. They don’t know their faith. Too many people don’t know the basic foundations of this nation, and people don’t know Western Civilization and the basic truths like natural law that it’s built on,” Bishop Strickland says. “So that lack of knowledge causes people to react emotionally to things instead of thinking it through, reasoning it out and saying, ‘Yeah, this is tough, but we know this is how reality is.'”

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