Wednesday September 8, 2010

Brampton Pastor Joshua Passes Away Naturally

By Thaddeus M. Baklinski

BRAMPTON, Ontario, September 7, 2010 ( – Pastor Joshua (Kulendran Mayandy) died on the afternoon of September 6 after he was no longer able to receive nutrition and fluid orally following a seizure last week.

Two weeks ago, the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition was successful in helping the friends of Pastor Joshua reverse the decision of his court-appointed Substitute Decision Maker (SDM) and physicians to remove all food and hydration.

The Christian pastor was able to receive nutrition and fluid orally without complications, although any other form of feeding (IV or otherwise) continued to be denied.

Joshua, who was hospitalized in May following a heart attack, is a native of Sri Lanka and a Pentecostal pastor at Humberlea Worship Centre. He has no family in Canada, and did not write down his personal wishes or assign a person to make legal and health care decisions on his behalf prior to his incapacitating heart attack.

Joshua was left without IV fluids, nutrition and medication from August 17 until his SDM agreed to have him fed orally on August 28 by a nurse from his Church. At that time, Joshua was not otherwise dying.

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition had organized legal and medical support and a media response to his case throughout North America.

“We mourn his death, yet his death was not in vain,” said Euthanasia Prevention Coalition director Alex Schadenberg.

“The death of Joshua Mayandy represents a wake up call for everyone who believes in the equality and dignity of all human life.”

“We thank everyone who wrote letters or did anything to attempt to bring justice to this case,” Schadenberg remarked. “We attempted to intervene and had some success. We will be discussing this case and other related cases in order to establish further action.”

Schadenberg said he urges everyone to obtain the Life-Protecting Power of Attorney for Personal Care to protect oneself from similar situations.

“This is a document that is designed to protect you from being dehydrated to death or denied basic care,” he explained.

The document can be obtained from the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition website here.

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