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(LifeSiteNews) — The government of Brazil is threatening to cut welfare payments if parents refuse to give their children the dangerous and ineffective COVID-19 injections once a year. 

The government-owned news agency Agência Brasil reported that the COVID injections will be added to the National Immunization Program (PNI), making the shots mandatory for children aged six months to five years, starting in 2024, even though numerous studies have shown that COVID poses virtually no risk to children. 

COVID jabs are linked to various serious and life-threatening side effects that have resulted in the deaths of children and young people around the world.

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Data shows that the death rate from the COVID virus for children in the U.S. is as low as 0.00-0.01%.

Families who do not comply with the mandate will not receive any welfare payments, including from the family program “Bolsa Família,” scientist and journalist Dr. Simon Goddek, who lives in Brazil, reported.  

“It is an important change, aligned with the World Health Organization, in which the vaccine against covid-19 is incorporated into our National Immunization Program,” Brazilian Secretary of Health Ethel Maciel asserted.  

“For all children born or living in Brazil, aged between 6 months and under 5 years, the vaccine becomes mandatory in the vaccine calendar,” she added. 

Children will have to receive the COVID-19 injections once a year.  

Brazil’s socialist President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva already announced the new policy in February, saying that it is a “question of science.”  

“If I have to do ten, fifty Covid vaccinations, I’ll do as many as I have to because I like my life,” Lula said. “I think everyone has to like their children’s lives and get their children vaccinated at the right age.” 

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Ever since its introduction during Lula’s first presidency, Bolsa Família benefits have only been paid out to families whose children have received all vaccinations from the national immunization program, which includes 13 vaccines in addition to the newly added COVID-19 injection.  

Furthermore, a proposed bill from 2019 would criminalize the refusal to vaccinate children with any of the required childhood vaccines and may lead to prison sentences for parents who resist the mandates. 

“Families not complying face hefty fines, loss of social aids like ‘Bolsa Família’, or worse, having their children taken away,” Goddek wrote on X, formerly Twitter.  

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“This, dear followers, is the hallmark of authoritarian communist regimes,” he continued. “While voicing the full extent of my concerns could land me behind bars in Brazil, it’s clear that politicians like Lula prioritize lining their pockets over safeguarding our young ones. Please remain vigilant and unvaccinated, and question the motives behind such draconian and harmful measures.” 


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