Matthew Hoffman, Latin America Correspondent


Brazilian Catholic bishop sues ‘Catholics for the Right to Decide’ for ‘moral damage’

Matthew Hoffman, Latin America Correspondent

April 3, 2012 ( - A Brazilian Catholic bishop has filed a $328,000 lawsuit against “Catholics for the Right to Decide,” the Brazilian version of America’s “Catholics for Choice,” for moral damage due to the misleading use of the name “Catholic.”

He has also begun a campaign to establish a congressional investigation into the funding and activities of prominent pro-abortion groups, which he claims are supported by foreign foundations with a population control agenda.

Luis Gonzaga Bergonzini, Bishop Emeritus of Guarulhos, Sao Paulo, filed the lawsuit on March 21, following a pro-life rally outside of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Sao Paulo that attracted over 100 people. Bergonzini had called for the rally on his blog and email list, for the purpose of advocating the creation of Parliamentary Commissions of Inquiry (CPIs) to investigate pro-abortion groups.

“Brazilian parliamentarians cannot wait any longer,” Bergonzini wrote on his blog in a post announcing the rally in mid-March. “The international funding and murderous and hidden interests behind the campaign in favor of abortion can’t be hidden any longer.”

“We need ‘truth commissions’ to GIVE LIFE to people and NOT DEATH.  The Senate and the Federal Chamber [of Deputies] can create CPIs. The state legislative assemblies and the city councils can create CPIs to investigate abortionist entities headquartered in their states and municipalities,” added Bergonzini.

Observing that “billionaire international capitalists” including the Ford Foundation and Warren Buffett, are funding such causes internationally, the bishop affirmed that “it is necessary to discover how (if legally) and who is sending, who is receiving, and prohibit this type of activity aimed at slaughtering Brazilians. It’s necessary to confiscate that money and spend it on health care. Ask yourself: CAN WE ALLOW INTERNATIONAL MONEY TO KILL BRAZILIANS?”

The agenda of such groups is “Nazism, prejudice, and discrimination,” wrote Bergonzini, adding that “the abortionists are followers of Hitler. They want to create a pure Brazilian race, without children from poor families. ” Bergonzini contended that their activities fall under the legal rubric of “genocide” as defined in Brazilian law as actions undertaken “with the intention of destroying, completely or in part, a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group” by means of “imposition of measures to impede births…”

Brazilian pro-life activist Wagner Moura told LifeSiteNews that “it is more than time to unmask” Catholics for the Right to Decide so that “Brazilian people know they’re nothing but pro-abortion and do not have the support of the majority of Brazilian people.” The group, he added, uses “the name ‘Catholic’ to promote confusion” regarding Catholic teaching on abortion, which condemns it as a grave sin.

Bishop Bergonzini was given the Von Galen Award by Human Life International in 2011 for his work on behalf of the unborn.

* Note: See the most downloaded of all LifeSiteNews documents “The Inherent Racism of Population Control,” in Spanish and English, as well as the all-important, previously classified U.S. government document NSSM 200.

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