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Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva Andressa Anholete/Getty Images

(LifeSiteNews) — Two of Brazil’s most recognizable conservatives appeared on The Tucker Carlson Encounter this week to expose the dictatorial policies being implemented in their country.  

Eduardo Bolsonaro, a member of the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies, and Paulo Figueiredo, a canceled journalist, sat down with the former Fox host to shine light on the anti-freedom measures put into place after leftist Lula da Silva’s disputed victory in the 2022 presidential election against incumbent Jair Bolsonaro.  

“This is not a democracy anymore,” Eduardo exclaimed, pointing to a corrupt judicial system and a general crackdown on conservative voices.  

Carlson told Eduardo that he believes it is “pretty clear” the presidential election was “stolen” from his father Jair and that it obviously was “rigged with help from the CIA.” Eduardo commented that he had to be careful about what he could say on the matter. “I cannot [say] the election was fraudulent… I could serve a lot [of time in jail for that].” 

Jair Bolsonaro temporarily fled to the United States after purportedly losing his reelection bid to Lula 50.9 percent to 49.1 percent in October 2022. He never expressly conceded defeat and even challenged the results by filing a 33-page lawsuit, which was tossed out by liberal Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes.  

“The left wing fully controls the Supreme Court,” Eduardo told Carlson, who replied, “once you have electronic voting machines, you can’t be certain the system is real.”  

Many conservatives in Brazil denounce the race as stolen. Thousands protested in the streets as a result; many of them had their bank and social media accounts frozen.   

Bolsonaro’s father, who is now 68, eventually returned to Brazil in March of 2023 only to have his home raided by federal authorities two months later. He is currently prohibited from running for office until 2030 after a panel of judges said that he allegedly provoked a riot that occurred at the Brazilian Capitol on January 8, 2023, even though he condemned the event and was not in Brazil at the time. Eduardo told Carlson that they are attempting to overturn the decision.  

Carlson and Bolsonaro also touched on the influence of China in Brazil. Bolsonaro said China can now do “whatever they want” with Brazil’s resources because Lula is an “old fashion communist.” China is attempting to influence South America like they did Africa, he also said. 

One journalist who was censored by the Brazilian Supreme Court is Paulo Figueiredo, the grandson of João Figueiredo, the country’s leader from 1979 until 1985. Figueiredo lives in exile in South Florida after having his passport stripped from him when Lula took over. He also had his assets frozen by the government.  

“Things that are [now] happening in Brazil only happen in dictatorship countries,” he said. “The powers are shifting from the people to the courts, what people call juristocracy, not a democracy anymore.” The “U.S. State Department sponsored what’s happening in Brazil,” he added. 

Carlson and Figueiredo also discussed American politics. “It’s a moment of decision of the whole Western world because I don’t think there’s a way Joe Biden can win fair and square,” Figueiredo opined. “The whole world is watching. If people still matter in any way, Trump will be elected. If the establishment has all the power … democracy is dead.”