By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

BRAZIL, August 29, 2007 (—In recent weeks, homosexual groups in Brazil have attempted to silence their opponents with a flurry of lawsuits that take advantage of Brazil’s pro-gay political climate.

On August 5th, the Brazilian Association of Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, and Transgender People (ABGLT) filed a criminal complaint against several websites for exposing the fact that the leader of Brazil’s homosexual movement, Luiz Mott, is a promoter of pedophilia and pederasty (see LifeSiteNews’ recent coverage at

The sites, Media Without a Mask, the Christian Apologetics Research Center, and Jesussite, are accused of “charlatanism, infamy, defamation, and calumny”, for having quoted Mott’s numerous statements endorsing sex with children and adolescents. The Association is asking for criminal prosecution as well as monetary damages.

In the last week, the Association has also filed a motion against Rozangela Alves Justino, a Brazilian psychologist who offers therapy to homosexuals who wish to change their orientation. Brazil’s Federal Council of Psychologists has ruled that psychologists are prohibited from doing reparative therapy for homosexuality, and ABGLT is asking that Alves Justino’s license be revoked.

The organization complains that Rozangela is “an adversary of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transvestite and transsexual movement, and has distinguished herself on the national scene for supporting and carrying out programs of ‘reversal’ and/or ‘rescue’ from homosexuality to heterosexuality.”

It has also recently requested an investigation of Silas Malafaia, a famous Brazilian psychologist and minister, for remarks he made on a TV program opposing homosexual behavior, abortion, and fetal stem cell research. According to the Brazilian homosexual website, Malfaia “addresses homosexuality and the struggle of homosexuals for equal rights in a clearly discriminatory manner.” It asks that prosecutors determine measures that can be taken against Malafaia and the TV stations that broadcasted the program.

Dr. Olavo de Carvalho, who edits Media Without a Mask and who writes opinion columns for Brazilian newspapers, says that the suits are an attempt to indimidate the opponents of the homosexual movement in Brazil, and to attract attention away from a criminal investigation against Mott and other homosexual leaders for advocating child molestation and pederasty.

Carvalho told LifeSiteNews that he sees the homosexual movement’s quest for power as a subset of the larger socialist movement in Brazil, which is seeking more and more power: “I believe they really want lots of power because the homosexual movement is not independent. It is part of the leftist machine. And the left now in Brazil has almost total power. They control everything. They are more powerful than the Brazilian state itself, and this is not enough for them. They want more and more and more and more, and the homosexual movement is a tool of this strategy.”

Although a law has been proposed to prohibit criticism of homosexuality, it has not yet passed. Nonetheless, many Brazilian judges simply act as if such a prohibition already exists. “They are proceeding as if the law existedâEUR¦They want to force the parliament to approve the law , so they act as if the law were approved already. Many Brazilians believe that this law actually exists. It’s a kind of psychological fraud,” said Carvalho.

Brazilian homosexuals have scored victories in the past with this strategy. Father Luiz Carlos Lodi da Cruz, president of the Pro-life Association of Anapolis, Brazil, was ordered to pay a fine of US$ 3,000 in 2005 for calling the pro-abortion anthropologist Debora Diniz Rodrigues “pro-abortion”. The label was deemed “offensive” by the presiding judge. The decision was upheld on appeal.

In June of this year a coalition of protestant church groups, the National Vision for a Christian Conscience (VINACC), was ordered to stop their campaign to defend family values against homosexual activism. They were ordered to remove billboards and internet announcements of their campaign, and to cancel a public event they had scheduled, because, according to the court, their campaign was “homophobic”.

However, not all attempts to intimidate and silence opponents of homosexual behavior have been successful.

On May 29th of this year, a Lutheran pastor in the Brazilian town of Rancho Queimado; the Rev. Ademir Kreutzfeld, was subject to a criminal investigation when he was accused of calling local businesses in an effort to inform them that a newspaper they were sponsoring was promoting the homosexual agenda. The homosexual activist who owns the paper filed charges against the pastor for “defamation”. However, on August 29th, Kreutzfeld joyfully announced that after an brief hearing that was “conducted well” by the judge, the complainant had dropped the charges.

Dr. Olavo de Carvalho observes that in the current political climate, such decisions can go either way, depending entirely on the philosophy of the judge that is chosen. “It’s impossible to predict these things because everything depends on which judge will judge your complaint, and this is unpredictable because the selection of the judge is made at randomâEUR¦we never knowâEUR¦.anything can happen,” he said.

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