Brazilian government trivializes pedophilia in shocking Facebook post

The post states that not every act of child sexual abuse is really pedophilia.
Fri Jul 10, 2015 - 5:12 pm EST
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July 10, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – A Facebook page operated by the government of Brazil, called Humaniza Redes (Humanize the Web in English), published a photo on Thursday that seemed to trivialize the issue of pedophilia. The photo claims it is a myth to say, “Every person who abuses a child or teenager is a pedophile.”

“For a person to be considered a pedophile there must be a psychiatric diagnosis,” it continues. “Many cases of abuse or sexual exploitation are committed by people who do not suffer from this disorder. It is not pedophilia that defines the crime, but the abuse or exploitation of a child or teenager.”

Despite the clear statement that pedophilia is only associated with a psychiatric disorder, an anonymous official responsible for the Facebook page claims that the goal of the post is only “to contribute to easily identify the cases of child abuse,” which, in contrast to pedophilia, is a crime.

According to philosophy professor Carlos Ramalhete, the worst aspect of the post is the “fallacious reasoning that says pedophilia can only be considered so by the magic word of a doctor. Mere facts, such as the raping of children by an immoral man would be irrelevant before the absence of medical diagnosis.”

“The medicalization of crime is a traditional weapon of social engineering,” he said.

After clearly stating that not every case of child abuse may be considered pedophilia, the Facebook post also purposely establishes a new category of crime according to which sexually abusing children is considered no more damaging than sexually abusing teenagers.

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The Brazilian government recently made an effort to establish gender ideology as fundamental criteria for all the cities and states in the country. However, after a massively organized work, most of the states’ and cities’ legislative houses rejected the proposal. 

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