By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

BRAZIL, May 20, 2008 ( – The most eminent leader of Brazil’s militant homosexual movement, Luiz Mott, is lashing out at pro-family activists by posting their home addresses and filing charges against them for “defamation”.

Among those targeted are “Jael Savelli”, the pseudonym of a Brazilian woman who authors the blog “Pedophilia No!” Last year, Savelli exposed Luiz Mott’s advocacy of pedophilia and pederasty in a famous entry entitled “Luiz Mott: Pedophilia Now!”

Pro-Family activist and author Julio Severo is also targeted in Mott’s screed, although the address posted for Severo is not correct. In numerous blog posts and a book entitled, “The Homosexual Movement”, Severo has incurred Mott’s ire by denouncing homosexual behavior as immoral in accordance with the Bible. He has recently appeared on national television blasting the regime of President Luiz Lula da Silva for its promotion of the homosexual agenda worldwide.

“Bahia State prosecutors required the site ‘Media without a Mask’, which published my articleâEUR¦to divulge information about my identity and my address,” Savelli told

Mott has now posted her address after it somehow fell into his hands, and Savelli is concerned for her safety. “The homosexual movement is extremely well-coordinated and strong in my city and it wouldn’t be prudent for me to ignore the real possibility of some sort of attack against me or against my family,” she said.

Savelli’s blog entry on Mott cited an article written by Mott, “My Ideal Boy”, which implies a preference for pederasty. In the article, Mott states openly that, “in my case, to tell the truth, if I could choose freely, what I would like for myself would not be a man but a boy, an ‘adolescent’ of the type that the nobles of ancient Greece said was the thing most handsome and pleasurable to be loved and [expletive].”

In addition, in an essay posted on his website, Mott writes that “in my opinion, the taboo and repression of sexual relations between adults and youth is supported by two prejudices, that sex has a particular legal age to begin and that every relationship between someone older and younger always implies violence and oppression. Studies prove that even in the uterus a baby already has an erectionâEUR¦” (see previous coverage at

Mott’s new attack, which appears on his website at, essentially claims that because he hasn’t actually been convicted of the crime of pedophilia, it is defamation to observe that his writings blatantly defend the practice.

In addition to Savelli and Severo, several other prominent pro-family activists are targeted in the post, including Eliezer de Mello Silveira, a lawyer for the Christian Apologetics Research Center, Rosangela Justino, a psychologist who does reparative therapy for homosexuals who wish to change their orientation, and Olavo de Carvalho, a Brazilian philosopher now living in the United States who edits the internet magazine Midia Sem Mascara (Media without a Mask), and who republished Savelli’s exposé of Mott. In addition to Jael Savelli’s address, Mello Silveira’s was posted as well.

Severo, like Savelli, is apparently being investigated by Brazilian police in response to Mott’s criminal complaints, which Mott says he filed in late 2007 and in January 2008. According to the IP log for visitors to his blog, they have accessed his site almost 50 times in recent days.

Mott’s post and the investigations by Brazilian authorities are the latest episode in a series of legal and personal attacks that have been made against pro-family activists in Brazil by the country’s powerful homosexual movement, which enjoys open government support and financing.

Mott, who is known in Brazil as the “Dean” of the nation’s homosexual movement, participated in the creation of the Brazilian government’s “Brazil without Homophobia” program, which seeks to promote social approval of homosexuality and “non-discrimination”. Socialist President Luiz Lula’s administration has also awarded Mott with the Medal of the “Order of Cultural Merit”.

Mott has made thinly veiled threats against pro-family activist Julio Severo in the past, speaking of condemning him to “perpetual imprisonment in Sodom and Gomorrah”. Other homosexuals have posted more explicit and obscene threats against Severo. He remains in hiding from homosexual groups as well as their government allies, which he says operate with impunity in Brazil and prosecute Christians for objecting to homosexuality, even though the government has failed to pass its proposed “homophobia law”.

“Lula and his socialist allies have been involved in serious scandals and they are under serious charges, but he has been virtually untouchable by the Brazilian courts. Even with appropriate laws against what he has done, he has managed to get off all charges,” Severo told

“There is no anti-homophobia law against our right to defend Bible principles on homosexuality, but the same justice system that has let corrupt politicians escape undeservedly can condemn me cowardly.”

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